Monday, December 24, 2012

Update - Taking a Holiday Break

Hey all. First, thank you to all the wonderful people who've commented/given suggestions on what they like and want to see more in this series - I don't plug away at this just for myself, I do it for you all as well, so thank you for interacting and making this more than a one way street. The first weekly mini-theme was a success in my opinion and I will have enough sometime down the road (gotta get some other fun things in before then though!). That being said, with the holiday coming up I'm going to have much less time to caption and rather than give you some half-hearted efforts, I'm going to take a short break for the next few days. Thank you for being understanding and see you all again soon.

-Elena Starz


  1. Happy Holidays, Elena! Thanks for all of the work you do for us!