Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick Plug

Hi all! Unfortunately, this is not a post telling you all that I'm coming back. Life is still busy and I've been quite happy about how productive I've been, even if it has been at the cost of my captioning :( However, I wanted to take the time to note that a new blog has opened up in a tribute to me! I was quite surprised that Serena (who I let take my surname) wanted to start a blog similar to mine and asked for some advice/approval to use my name. I'm totally fine with that (in fact, if any of you contact me with requests via email I will respond!), and so I just wanted to plug her blog, Serena Starz TG Caps. Can't claim that the quality will be the same as mine, but based on the ideas she mentioned it seems like that there will be a lot of similar types of captions on her blog, so go and check her out!

Love Always,

-P.S. If any of you do want to talk to me with questions/non-captioning requests, I do still check my email once a week!