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I Can't Believe Him!

Hi everyone! So after this last regular cap, I'm going to be taking a short break from the regular caps and delving into my Quick Cap storage to pump out a bunch of caps over the next week, starting at midnight! There should be three a day for seven days, so if you like the Quick Caps, enjoy!

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A Summer with Aunt Joyce

A fun little summer feminization caption...enjoy!

Femme Films - A 3D Experience!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the short delay - I fell asleep before posting this when I promised! But now I'm up and remembered, so here is the story I was promising you all! A little bit unbelieveable, but still a fun story IMO, so enjoy!

Femme Films - A 3D Experience!

One of Luke and Stephan's favorite things to do was to skip school and cruise around downtown in the middle of the afternoon. Living in a small town meant that there wasn't a lot of people around, especially in the middle of the day, and they were usually the only ones in their favorite places like the small arcade and ice cream parlor. But one of their favorite things to do was to go catch the matinee screening at the tiny theater downtown. The movie theater always had interesting, quirky films to spend time laughing at, but today seemed like an extra-special event. The advertisement was claiming that today's film was in 3D! Luke and Stephan had never been to a 3D film before, as usually in cost way too much for the small-town theater to afford, so they eagerly bought tickets from the owner.

"You sure you boys are supposed to be watching this?" the owner asked quizzically, frowning at the two boys over the counter. 

"Uh...of course! We...uh...are on a special assignment from our homeroom teacher," Luke quickly said, assuming that the owner was wondering why they weren't in school.

"Okay...whatever your 'teacher' wants..." the owner shrugged, not willing to judge at the risk of losing money. "Enjoy the show...hope it gives you a new perspective on your assignment."

The two boys nodded and quickly entered the theater before more questioning could continue. They were surprised to see that they were the only people there and quickly grabbed two seats in the middle of theater. Usually there were at least one or two other people, and occasionally even other kids playing hooky, but Luke and Stephan were too excited to care. They were a little disappointed when they saw big clunky helmets raised behind their seats as opposed to the cool glasses they heard about 3D movies having, but they brushed it off. 

"At least they have free beverages!" Stephan exclaimed, pointing to some small containers sitting in a cup holder next to their seats. After getting settled in, the movie finally began to start, running through some previews, then finally getting to the feature presentation. The large helmets slowly lowered over the boys' heads, and soon the title of the film was displayed in large font in front of the screen:


"Aw, man, no wonder no one is here!" Luke complained. "It's going to be a stupid chick flick!"

"Shut up dude!" Stephan said. "This 3D is awesome! Plus, free drinks! And maybe the lead actress will be hot!"

The boys fell silent, slowly sipping their sugary drinks, and grew more relaxed. The music and dialogue seemed to be fully surrounding them because of the speakers embedded in the helmet-like contraptions, which was pretty awesome - plus, they were pleased to see that the lead actress was indeed an attractive brunette. But the film took a strange turn when the main actor agreed to a bet where he had to dress as a woman for a week!

"This is weird, dude," Stephan murmured, not sure what to think of the strange plot. "I thought this would be a chick flick...seems to be more of a weird sissy movie."

"Yeah, it's kind of messed up..." Luke agreed. "But we paid 10 bucks to see this movie - we might as well finish it. Just drink your soda."

The guys continued slurping their sodas, barely noticing as their discomfort began to fade away, even as the lead "actor" was willingly trying on very feminine clothes. When the main character decided to go to a salon for a makeover under the guidance of the beautiful brunette, Luke and Stephan weren't really second guessing his decision.

"This surround sound and visual details are quite impressive," Luke begrudgingly admitted as the hero(ine) sat in a salon chair.

"Yeah, even if the plot is pretty unbelievable, the film itself is worth the 10 dollars," Stephan agreed, as he continued drinking his soda. The two boys watched totally transfixed as the man in the chair had his hair lengthened and dyed, while all hair on his face was removed. They did not notice as the helmet began mixing chemicals into their hair and zapping their minimal facial hair with electric currents, mimicking the actions on the screen. The only sign they gave of noticing the changes was when the perm rods in the actor's hair were being heated.

" smell something burning?" Luke asked. 

"Well, I am feeling a little bit hotter...but it's probably just the popcorn machine in the back getting turned on," Stephan said, dismissing his friend. "Now shush...I want to see what happens next..."

The two teens watched as makeup was artfully applied to the increasingly-feminine-looking face of the lead actor, highlighting his eyes, outlining lips, and curling his lashes to their peak length. They giggled in response to the tickling sensation of blush being applied to their face and the lengthening of their own eyelashes, but thought they were laughing at the sight of shock on the man's face as he looking in a mirror at his madeup face. They didn't even notice as their hands, which had been handcuffed to their armrests for almost ten minutes, were painted in sync with the motions on the film.

"Wow, that red is a really cute color on his nails!" Stephan exclaimed, not thinking what a strange statement that was, especially considering that his own nails were equally red. 

Luke, whose nails were now pink, stated, "Totally! And that smokey eyeshadow technique is fabulous!" Of course, both boys had the same technique expertly applied on their own faces...

The film continued on, as the heroine's hair was unleashed and styled in a mass of platinum blonde curls, before "she" moved on to a dress shop in the back of the store, the screen fading to the words "INTERMISSION". In the theater, the lights turned on again, the helmets lifted up, and the handcuffs released the two boys, allowing them to stand up and stretch.

"Boy, Steph, this movie sure is different than I expected!" Luke said, as he primped his hair, oblivious to the fact that it was now blonde and extremely curly.

"You can say that again, Lu...say, speaking of different, what happened to your hair?" Stephan asked as he looked at his best friend closely.

"I got it styled at the salon when we skipped school last week, remember silly? That's when we got your hair fixed up too," Luke said, fluffing his friend's fiery red curls. Suddenly he frowned as he looked closer at Stephan's face. "But I don't remember your lashes looking that long, or your lips being that full...what happened?"

"Lu, you're such a blonde - don't you remember that we decided to gussy ourselves up before we hit the town today?" Stephan giggled. "You helped even applied each other's lipstick - you did mine red and I did your's pink."

"Oh yeah, I totally forgot!" Luke giggled, suddenly remembering. "I guess I'm forgetting stuff because I'm so hot! This theater needs an AC or something!"

"You know what, Lu? We should strip down - it would cool us off and send a message to that crotchety old owner!" Stephan said with a gleam in his eye.

"Totally, Steph!" Luke agreed, and the two boys stripped down to just their boxers, not noticing the sharp contrast between their hairy teenaged bodies and their soft, feminine features above the neck.

"Hmmm...not quite as cool as I would have hoped," Stephan sighed after the deed was done. "I wish we had more of those sodas to cool us down!"

Luke nodded, then noticed something down at the front of the theater."Hey! Those look like some more sodas down there!" he exclaimed, pointing his pink nail down near the screen. The two boys scampered down front and discovered there were indeed two new sodas sitting in the cup holders next to some very unique seats. The looked more like flat boards angled so that a viewer could lie down and still look up at the movie. They were covered in a soft material that looked quite comfortable

"Hey, we should move down here!" Stephan said. "We could totally lie down on these and drink our sodas too!"

"Totally! They look so soft! Oh, quick, let's get stretched out - the movie is about to start!" Luke replied, and the two best friends quickly got horizontal and started slurping away, ready to watch the movie. The helmets were lowered onto their heads, as the black screen began to fade back into the movie.

The picture returned with  the glamorous platinum blonde "heroine" walking into the dress shop. She first took a stop in the back room to remove all of her body hair with a razor, then proceeded to apply to fleshy breast forms to her chest. The horny boys were too transfixed by the closeup shots of the shaving and breasts to notice the lasors zapping away their body hair and the new C cup weights adhered to their chests by glue and the hot air from their helmets.

"Kind of hot, even for a guy, huh Steph?" Luke whispered to his friend.

"Uh huh..." Stephan murmurred, before quickly drinking more soda to distract himself from the confusion of why he was turned on by a guy.

Soon the beautiful brunette returned to help the feminized man. She selected a lavender bra and clipped it onto her transformee, as he then slowly pulled a matching pair of panties up his legs. The camera, of course, focused on this slow, sensual moment while intermixing shots of the heroine's face. The boys, now wearing pink and red bras fitted by mechanical hands, began to discuss these shots in earnest.

"Do you think he's enjoying it?" Stephan asked as he watched transfixed by the movie. "I can't tell if his face is shocked or happy with all that makeup."

"With that assistant, he's probably thinking how lucky he is!" Luke laughed boldly, before adding quietly. "Or because he looks so pretty..."

Both boys took a quick swig of their beverages after a slightly awkward pause following Luke's statement, then continued to watch the film as the heroine progressed into a dressing room. The heroine was getting shown a number of dresses, skirts, and blouses, then trying them all on. It was a five minute montage filled with closeups, twirling skirts, and shapely curves, yet surprisingly, the boys didn't seem to get turned on. They were instead listening to the soothing music and statements blaring in the ears about, "How pretty this dress is!", "Doesn't this color look great!", and "Wouldn't you just kill to wear a dress like that?"

"I would kill to have a dress like that," Luke murmured dreamily.

"Yeah, but only if it was in a better color. Red for me and pink for you!" Stephan said in response, not considering what a strange statement that was for a guy to say.

Finally, the brunette woman and blonde man decided on a glittery purple minidress that cut off about midthigh. It was tight and shiny, a fact emphasized when the movie focused on the dress sliding up the smooth body of the heroine.

"Man, I didn't expect this 3D thing to FEEL real!" Stephan exclaimed, as he felt the smooth red fabric from the board he was lying on wrap around him, squeezing tightly.

"Yeah! I guess we have to give the owner some credit!" Luke agreed, as he was suddenly wrapped in a glittery pink material that formed into a tight minidress.

The transformation of the heroine culminated when s/he slipped on a pair of sparkly purple pumps, grabbed a purple clutch purse, and was led out of the dress shop by the brunette to explore the world en femme. Both boys continued to watch the movie, slurping on their sodas, unperturbed by all the changes to their own appearance. That is, until, they felt a familiar feeling.

"Lu, I gotta go to the bathroom real bad...all this soda must be getting to me!" Stephan said urgently to his friend.

"Like, me too, Steph! Here, let's go together!" Luke offered.

The two boys adjusted their chairs so they could stand up, sliding into the glittery open-toed pumps awaiting them on the floor. They also grabbed the little clutch purses that appeared in next to them, not considering how strange it was for boys to be holding such an item. Together they walked out of the room, their heels and dresses forcing them to mince side-to-side like the heroine in the film, and made their way to the men's room. Both boys found they couldn't use the urinals with the dresses on, so they decided to squat in the stalls, pulling their boxers down to the floor.

"This feels real nice, Steph," Luke sighed as he sat relieving himself.

"Ew, Lu, that's gross! I don't want to hear about it!" Stephan said, as he got out of the stall first and looked at himself in the mirror. He frowned...something looked wrong...

"No, not that..." Luke called out from in the stall. "I like the cool feeling of not having my boxers's nice!"

"Really? Then you should totally, like, try the underwear in your bag - I already put it on and it feels amazingly light!" Stephan replied, as he realized what was wrong - he needed more lip gloss!

"Oh, thanks Steph!" Luke called out, as he found the pink thong in his purse and slipped it on. Satisfied, he left his boxers in the stall, to find his friend plumping up his lips in the mirror. "Ooooh, Steph, that's a great idea! I should totally, like, do my makeup too!"

Luke reached into his clutch for his own makeup and began the elaborate process of applying his mascara. Eventually, both boys spent almost a half and hour touching up their entire faces, making sure everything looked perfect. Finally satisfied with the work they learned under the hypnotic commands of the helmet, the two boys left the men's room and returned to the movie. They watched for about ten minute more, drinking their sodas as they waited for some big plot twist, but soon the movie was over without anything significant happening other than the makeover in the beginning of the movie. Finally, the two friends stood up to leave the movie theater.

"Man, Lucy, although the 3D seemed to be really sharp, the movie kind of stunk," Stephanie said to her best friend in pink.

"Yeah, its totally unrealistic. A man dressing up like an attractive woman? Puh-leaze!" Lucy giggled, flipping her manicured hand girlishly at her redheaded friend.

"Next time we skip class, we should definitely do something more fun - like a makeover or shopping spree!" Stephanie exclaimed.

"Totally!" Lucy agreed, as they minced past the old theater owner in their heels.

"Bye boys...hope you got a new perspective on your assignment!" the owner laughed at the two boys with girlishly-curled hair and tight minidresses click-clacking in heels past him. "Come back anytime!"

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I Wanted To Be Different

Hello everyone! The story I promised yesterday will be released in 7 hours! Stay tuned for that, but until then, enjoy this cap!

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Sun Turns Son into Daughter

Hello everyone! So I promised a bit of an update/projection of things for the future today, so I'm going to take a (hopefully just a little) while to talk about some things.
First, the conclusion to the "Hypnotic Wishes" series that I promised is currently stalled because a lot of the images I had prepared for the finale got corrupted somehow, so I am currently scrambling to either remember the images or find replacements that will be suitable for the finale. As such, production of the 6th and 7th stories are stalled. However, for you story fanatics out there, I do have something for you! I created a story a while back that I never published because of various factors including personal issues I was having at the time, doubts about how "realistic" the transformations in the story was, etc. However, I think I will post that in the next few days as just something fun to hold over until I can figure out what to do with the Hypnotic Wishes series. So look out for that!
Secondly, I also promised a new caption series that would take up a good portion of time on this blog sometime in the next month or two. I have a couple ideas for this and haven't gotten started on either of them really, but I'm quite pleased with the potential of both of them, so stay tuned for teasers once I get more things around the selected storyline banged out!

Anyways, that wraps up the talking. Today's cap is a little fun magic cap that I envisioned while dreaming about summer...enjoy!

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Hi all! So the next three days will be captions as usual, then a post on Sunday explaining some future plans and events. Stay tuned!

Salon/Makeover Caption Contest Presentation

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting these more quickly - I was really hoping to get more submissions, but even after giving extra time we only ended up with 8 captions. To those who submitted, both new and established captioners, I say thank you very much for producing something for me to show everyone. As for the future of caption contests, however, the number of submissions likely means that I will not be continuing contests like these (at least not anytime soon). I still do appreciate some of the benefits of doing these contests (such as giving new captioners a chance to practice/show what they can do or providing captions not created by me to add some variety to this blog), but these past two contests have not been quite as supported as I would have liked to justify continuing this.

Anyways, lets give the stage over to the captioners and their captions! Names are listed before the captions they created - enjoy!







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Carry Ons

So this is the last cap before the presentation of the caption contest results - turn in your caps in the next 6 hours from this post to try and get it included!

As for the cap, well, I tried to come up with a lot of puns about the, ahem, best asset of the model in this image...hope they don't weigh down the flight of this caption!

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Magic Trick

Hi all! So there haven't been a lot of submissions for the caption contest, so I will be pushing back the deadline to Friday at 12:00 A.M. as opposed to 7 hours from now. Hopefully a few more will trickle in so I can post a healthy amount!

Another self-explanatory cap today, although it is a bit long and unrealistic in my opinion...unless you believe in magic ;) Enjoy!

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No Son of Mine

Hello everyone! This is a hypnosis cap with a slight twist based on the old stereotype of the tough dad saying, "No daughter of mine will go out looking like that!". Enjoy!

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Go Out Like This?

Hello all I am back from my short break! There have been a slow trickle of caps coming in, which is good. Definitely looking for more before Thursday/Friday when I post, but thank you to those who submitted already!

For the next three/four days I will have more normal lengthed caps. Today's image and title explain it pretty well...enjoy!

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Hearing the Door

Hello all! So this is the last day I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

That's a Good Sissy

Hello all! So this is the last day I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

Thinking of the Dance

Hello all! So this is the last day I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

Lost Keys

Hello all! So this is the last day I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

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He Looks Like Kim!

Hello all! So for the next two days I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

What Looks Like

Hello all! So for the next two days I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

Maybe They Like Us...

Hello all! So for the next two days I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

As The Sun Rose

Hello all! So for the next two days I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

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What's Better?

Hello all! So for the next three days (possibly more) I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

Try Them All

Hello all! So for the next three days (possibly more) I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!

Honey. That's Not Your Halloween Costume

Hello all! So for the next three days (possibly more) I will be posting four Quick Caps a day (one every six hours) to give you all something to read while I take a quick break. Hope you like!