Friday, January 17, 2014

Salon/Makeover Caption Contest Presentation

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting these more quickly - I was really hoping to get more submissions, but even after giving extra time we only ended up with 8 captions. To those who submitted, both new and established captioners, I say thank you very much for producing something for me to show everyone. As for the future of caption contests, however, the number of submissions likely means that I will not be continuing contests like these (at least not anytime soon). I still do appreciate some of the benefits of doing these contests (such as giving new captioners a chance to practice/show what they can do or providing captions not created by me to add some variety to this blog), but these past two contests have not been quite as supported as I would have liked to justify continuing this.

Anyways, lets give the stage over to the captioners and their captions! Names are listed before the captions they created - enjoy!








  1. Well done ever one great captions.

  2. Awww, I really liked the contests. They gave people like me, who don't have blogs of their own but still like to cap here and there as a hobby, outlets for creativity. Darn. Good job to all the participants, though!

  3. They were all great, but I've gotta say I LOVED the 5th one by anonymous the best. I hope that whoever they are realizes that they have a good talent and makes more.