Thursday, January 2, 2014

Senior Photo

So as an update on the caption contest, I had four really good submissions in the first 24 hours...and nothing since. I realize that people may be busy over New Years and whatnot, but there were well over 50 people who claimed to be willing to caption if I posted contests, so I guess I'm a little disappointed at the low turnout. Thank you to those who have submitted and please please please consider trying to participate if you haven't. People turn out some wonderful work for contests who wouldn't normally share captions and I would love to be the middle(wo)man for sharing that with people who enjoy captions. I hope to see a few more submissions in the next two days and will consider what to do at that point depending on how many more people participate.

As for today's cap, it's pretty self explanatory - enjoy!

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  1. I did send a caption last night , I well resend it.
    love this post btw