Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sun Turns Son into Daughter

Hello everyone! So I promised a bit of an update/projection of things for the future today, so I'm going to take a (hopefully just a little) while to talk about some things.
First, the conclusion to the "Hypnotic Wishes" series that I promised is currently stalled because a lot of the images I had prepared for the finale got corrupted somehow, so I am currently scrambling to either remember the images or find replacements that will be suitable for the finale. As such, production of the 6th and 7th stories are stalled. However, for you story fanatics out there, I do have something for you! I created a story a while back that I never published because of various factors including personal issues I was having at the time, doubts about how "realistic" the transformations in the story was, etc. However, I think I will post that in the next few days as just something fun to hold over until I can figure out what to do with the Hypnotic Wishes series. So look out for that!
Secondly, I also promised a new caption series that would take up a good portion of time on this blog sometime in the next month or two. I have a couple ideas for this and haven't gotten started on either of them really, but I'm quite pleased with the potential of both of them, so stay tuned for teasers once I get more things around the selected storyline banged out!

Anyways, that wraps up the talking. Today's cap is a little fun magic cap that I envisioned while dreaming about summer...enjoy!

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