Monday, February 3, 2014

Caption Contest: Schoolgirls

Hello all! The third caption contest is upon us! If you need a refresher, here are the steps to follow to participate:
1. I will post images and a general theme to focus your work slightly
2. You all will take these images and send either a completed caption (meaning image and text formatted together) or text with the image to go to it (I will put a cap together if you don't know how or would rather that I format it!) to my email,
3. You may submit as many captions as you want, but only one caption per image. All captions must be TG or crossdressing in some format (F2F is not really a theme of this blog, but in case any of you wanted to try this, I would prefer that you didn't).
4. After a weeks time, I will sort through all the captions for all the images and post the top 1-3 (undecided still on how many I will post) captions for each image, i.e. at least ten caps by you all!

And without further ado, here is this contest's theme: schoolgirls!

THEME: SCHOOLGIRLS - There's nothing better than a sexy school uniform, except maybe a skimpy uniform showing lots of cleavage! Tell us how these boys became schoolgirls - a special sissy academy, crossdress day at school, forced to go to school as a girl - it's all up to you and what your mind can imagine. Class dismissed!

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