Monday, February 3, 2014

Daddy's Boy

So I anticipated just hosting the caption contest and just using the images that I had posted for this current week. But I thought of another idea that might be interesting. It's been a while since I've taken requests, but I'm really looking for some pics to caption (that aren't ones that I've found...something that I haven't seen before). So for the next week, feel free to post an image you'd like to see captioned in the comments of any post, or email me at with a link to the pic (prefer urls, but whatever works). Story suggestions with the pic are also welcome. I do reserve the right to pick what images I choose and stories I feel appealing, although I will try to cater to people's interests. I will post these captions the day after I post the submissions for the caption contest for you all to enjoy. So please, participate in this new idea, the caption contest, or both!

Today's caption: Like father, like son...


  1. love this caption what a sexy sissy. I hope step mum well not let sissy lounge around for to long I expect she has plans for father and son

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