Thursday, February 13, 2014

No Fair!

*NOTE* I apologize for accidentally posting the caption contest - I misclicked when trying to set the post time. The contest will start in 24 hours and the images will be posted then!
So as a reminder, the next caption contest will start in just over a day (31 hours from now, to be exact), so get ready for that! Thank you for everyone who voted in the poll - there will be a prize for the top three "winners" of this contest, as voted by viewers and selected by me (so potentially six winners - three viewer-selected and three selected by me)! However, what the prize will be is still up in the air, so there is also a new poll up now to determine what the prize should be. Feel free to vote from now up until the next four days or so!


  1. time for a quick exit from that house I think. a good fun caption.
    31 hours to wait (sulk)

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