Sunday, February 2, 2014

Real Men are Generous to Less Fortunate Men

Hi everyone! So I'm back after a week off where I left you with a bunch of Quick a bunch of positive feedback, which makes me confident that I can post Quick Caps more often, but for now, I'm going back to full-length caps. Additionally, to all of you who posted comments in this past week, I thank you for your support - was very nice to come back to such nice compliments :)

Also, in good news for some, I had a change of heart on the caption contests. I realized what a great opportunity it is for new captioners/captioners without a blog to try their hand and get their work shown in a blog like mine which gets a decent amount of traffic. So I will be posting the next caption contest in the next day or two, so stay tuned for that!

Finally, speaking of traffic, I just wanted to note that this past month I got the largest single month pageview count since I started captioning - over 200,000 hits in 30 days! Absolutely astounded by the sudden jump (100,000 was a good month for me previously), so thank you all for the traffic and for your continued support!

Love, Elena Starz

P.S. Here is today's cap...enjoy!


  1. I don't know what they have planed but I think that the men's cocks well be getting bigger not smaller

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