Saturday, March 15, 2014

DSL Caption Contest Winners!

Hi everyone! I apologize for this post being more than a day later than I had hoped - life got extremely busy over the last three days and I haven't been online at all because of it. But now that I'm back, let's get down to business! The winners of the fan vote were Anonymous 1 and Leila Stoat, with 24 and 18 votes respectively, while Leila Stoat, Noisy, and both of Wes Mantooth's caps came in third with around 14/15 votes each. I actually loved all 6 of the captions that got a large share of the votes, so I decided to award a cap to Leila, Noisy, and Wes as well! Congratulations to the five winners and expect and email from me soon!


Anonymous 1 - Viewer's Favorite and Elena's Favorite
 Ian - Elena's Favorite
 Leila Stoat - Viewer's Favorite and Elena's Favorite
 Noisy - Elena's Favorite
 Wes Mantooth - Elena's Favorite


  1. thanks Elena really enjoyed this contest.

  2. Who is the woman in the first top caption?