Monday, March 10, 2014

DSLs Caption Contest Presentation

Hi everyone! So here is the slightly delayed posting of the submissions for the latest caption contest. There was only one additional submission after I pushed back that deadline, so I guess we'll have to take quality over quantity! However, as a slight adjustment to the normal contest proceedings in light of the reduced number of submissions, I am probably only going to select the TOP TWO viewer choices (as well as two from me) this time. So thank you to those who submitted and get voting on your favorites over the next four days!

Also, as a bit of housekeeping/information, Wes Mantooth of Interracial Sissy Captions (and who has also contributed some fabulous captions over the last two contests on this blog) is hosting a caption contest similar to mine on the ISC blog. While this started a while ago and submissions are probably due soon, I highly recommending checking it out either to peruse the blog or try your hand at captioning any of the 15 excellent images posted there!
As for future contests, I'm probably going to take a short break from posting any new images. I was a bit disappointed in the turnout considering (at least in my opinion) the stunning/very inspirational images for capping a very fun theme. Maybe DSLs wasn't everyone's cup of tea, or maybe people were busy, but it worries me that I only got ten (albeit fantastic) captions even with an extended submission period from this set. Most likely scenario is that the results for this contest are posted in four to five days, then a new image set is posted in a week. Or maybe I might post immediately and just give everyone two full weeks or so the caption. We'll see!

But anyways, enjoy these caps!

Anonymous 1
 Wes Mantooth 1
  Wes Mantooth 1
 Ian 1
 Ian 2
 Leila Stoat 1
Donna 1
 Donna 2
Anonymous 1
 Noisy 1


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