Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Caption Contest Winner: Wes Mantooth

So before I go into this wonderful cap for the very deserving Wes Mantooth, I wanted to give a unique plug for another blog hosting a special caption contest. Thrandrall over at The Transformation Repository normally hosts contests for transformation artwork created by artists with digital or handdrawn talents that I do not have. However, after seeing the success of TG caption contests on my blog, Thrandrall wanted to host a TG caption contest based on themes and images from their site! The month-long contest will be offering CASH PRIZES in multiple categories for submissions of fully rendered TG caps (so if you can't make a caption on your own, unfortunately this might not be the contest for you). So if you are interested, have any comments or questions, feel free to jump over to that contest page or email me at ElenaStarz4372@gmail.com for any questions you may have. Thanks!

Today's cap goes out to Wes Mantooth, who wanted a fun sexy sissy cap in the style of his blog. Enjoy!


  1. I really love my prize - it's amazing - but I'm a guy. Haha :)

    - Wes Mantooth

    1. Sorry - I tend to assume the feminine name because some people adopt a feminine persona while captioning (like myself) and don't like others to know that they're male. I fixed it now :)

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