Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mountain Magic

Last six hours to work your magic on the wonderful bimbo images I put up and submit a cap for the contest! Speaking of magic, here is another magic themed cap that focuses on a slow transformation. Enjoy!


  1. My My Diana 1 more hour and you win the swimsuit, By the way you have already been in in it for 24 hour Hypnosis It will change you for a year for each hour you wear it.
    Oh I didn't tell you that didn't you read the fine print in the bra.
    I think you can make it 2 more days and be able to look like that for 72 years didn't you say you where willing to do anything for me.
    just think of the shopping we can do for our weeding next week. Oh the other 3 guys will be my Bridesmaids, Its in there fine print too.
    Lucky I have this witch as my best friend.
    just think I will wear princess Diana and you can wear Princess Kate.
    Oh by the way The Basketball team will be your best men.
    I don't know how to do these maybe you can teach me for the next one can you edit and find a picture that works

    Just one bite is all she needs to stay a vampire for the night in this I know you can do it Dave.
    You can stay my blond bimbo for another year. oh this is seven years it will be the last time you have to do it.
    I know its easy for you with them legs and your transforming your wonderful chest gets bigger each time. I know you are in size double E.
    The knight clubs where meant for you. There you go go bite his balls and it will be permanent.
    Don't he have a nice package you been gay a long time and its a lot easier to get men this way

  3. Love the details of the transformation here. Fantastic cap!