Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No Cap, But Some Important Announcements

Hi everyone! So sorry that there isn't a cap going with this - I wanted to make a little more lengthy "business" post to discuss somethings instead.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is the next few caption contests. Yes, the theme will be Bimbo Inc., and yes I am super excited to both find sexy images for you to cap and to develop the Bimbo Inc. "universe", per se, through this contest with inspirational caps from you. However, I also thought of a special caption contest idea to celebrate the success of recent contests. The idea for this theme is "Viewer's Images/Themes"! Here is how I envision it working:
1. You all email me fun sexy pictures that you would like to see other people caption
  • All images should include at least the head of a person (full body, closeup is fine...pictures of shoes, lips, below the waist, etc. are too specific).
  • You can send me as many pics as you like but PLEASE REALIZE THAT I HAVE TO SORT THROUGH ALL SUBMITTED PICS. So if you can cut down to your favorite three to five pics, that would save me time and increase the likelihood of your pics actually getting selected.
  • I am not extremely opposed to personal photos and/or images of more explicit nature (dicks, breasts, etc.), but I may not preference these kinds of pics when selecting images.
2. In addition to sending pics, if you have themes/cap ideas to go with SPECIFIC IMAGES, tell me! If you have a great pic of a girl in a pretty prom dress, tell me a story for how the boy might end up in that dress!
3. I will pick a set of images (and possibly themes too!) so the actual contest will have viewers captioning other viewers' images/theme ideas! 

So yeah, start sending me those with the title "Viewer Pics Caption Contest" in an email so I can sort all of the submissions. This will probably last for two weeks to a month, but get your pics in sooner rather than later so I can start!

The other thing I wanted to start and ask you all about is a couple questions that I've been wondering about and will put up in polls on the side. I've been thinking about specific blogs I like to follow, especially blogs that do a theme really well (like sissy captions, shemale caps, hypnosis caps, bimbo caps, etc.) and wondered - what do you think is my distinct "style"? What kind of cap is a quintessential "Elena Starz" cap? Is it a blond bimbo cap? A hypnosis cap? A quick cap? Something else? Let me know by voting in the polls and giving your comments - I would really like to hear your feedback!

Thank you all! You've all been wonderful in participating in caption contests and commenting on the blog. I'm really appreciative of all you do for me to reciprocate the effort I put into making these caps. You make captioning worthwhile :)

-Elena Starz

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for the great caps. I noticed you recently posted an excellent story to Fictionmania, too. Great to see a new story from you there.