Friday, May 2, 2014

Bimbo Inc. Contest Winners

Hello everyone! So the voting period has ended and we unfortunately had to pick some winners from the piles of great captions for this contest! In fact, it was so successful that the next contest will probably be another bimbo related theme, as you all seemed to enjoy that so much (and I do as well!). So to announce the winners, there wasn't really a "viewers" and "Elena's" picks because so many choices did well in the polls and I loved so many caps. But the winners based on the polls seemed to be Wes Mantooth, Donna, Kieran, and Bambi Lovejoy for collective quality, and additionally I will be adding Dolly Diklipz and Candy for two excellent captions they did. However, I really do feel that everyone in this contest did a fantastic job, so if you're name was not mentioned as a winner but you have a fun idea for a bimbo cap, I will totally do that cap for you as a "prize". So let me know if you have an idea and explicit winners will recieve an email from me soon!


Wes Mantooth - Viewers and Elena's Favorite

Donna - Viewers' Favorite

Kieran - Viewers'

Bambi Lovejoy - Viewers' Favorite

Dolly Diklipz - Elena's Favorite

Candy - Elena's Favorite

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