Friday, May 23, 2014

Working Bois Part 11: It Doesn't Matter What You Wear

Hello all! Part 11 of the Working Bois series is here! Wes's Part 10 cap is here and the general tags for all the caps done by Wes and done by me are linked. Also, I put up a new poll just to gauge your thoughts on the series so let me know what you think by voting or adding a comment below! (P.S. - Thank you to those who have given such nice feedback - really great to hear!)

Sammi, after getting to know Jamarcus "personally" on his date, sees his father Carli dressed up fancy...where could his father possibly be going in that outfit?


  1. Elena,
    Im a huge fan of your blog. I mas hoping would would it be possible for you to finish serena starz' series 'bimbo high' once you are done with the current series. I realy enjoyed serenas series and was very disappointed when she stopped posting and I think you would do a great job of continuing the series.

  2. Both you and Wes have made this series really fun. I like seeing the distinct difference in situations for both of them.

  3. this is first one i have read love it love it when is next