Saturday, May 24, 2014

Working Bois Part 12B: Locked in Lingerie...and Loving It!

Hello all! Part 11 of the Working Bois series is here! I won't have a chance to update the blog immediately with Wes' cap, so check out his main site and scroll down if you want Part 12A immediately! Or use the  general tags for all the caps done by Wes and done by me are linked. Also, I don't know if people didn't see the poll or if I somehow made it impossible to click options in it, but vote if you can! Finally, we are exactly halfway done with the series at this point, so after another week of captions I will post a little update on what plans the future holds (answering some questions in the comments that have cropped up recently!). Thanks, enjoy this next part of the series!

As Sammi whimpers about the problems of living in lingerie under house arrest on the weekends, Carli shows his son why they have no choice but to comply...and what pleasures they can derive from this situation.


  1. I get the feelings the son is going to submit to this new lifestyle. The father is obviously accepted his new role.

  2. Love the series so far, still can't wait to see what's next! :-)

    As for the poll, it seems broken to me; I've tried to vote several times, but nothing seems to go through.

    - B-Rex

  3. I do hope Sammy show more rebellion the his father.