Sunday, May 18, 2014

Working Bois Part 2: Carli's Deal

Hello everyone! I am very pleased to bring you a VERY special project that starts today. I had been chatting with the wonderful Wes Mantooth of Interracial Sissy captions, someone with a unique style of captions and great captioning mind that I respect greatly, when he suggested the idea of doing a collaborative series together! I was intrigued, we started throwing around some ideas, and before we knew it we had created a 28 caption series together! Now, having finished the project, we are eager to share our collaborative work together on our respective blogs!

The way that this will work is that each day for the next two weeks, Wes and I will simultaneously post the next two parts in the series on our respective blogs. Each of these parts were created by ourselves (so all captions on my blog were done by me, and all captions on Wes' blog are by him), but flow in order from the beginning to the end. As such, each day I will post my cap as well as a link to the previous cap in the series done by Wes, as well as a general link to all the captions done by Wes on his blog (I will also have a link to all the caps on my blog, in case you want to catch up).

So what is the series? Well, not wanting to spoil too much, the series is called "Working Bois" and is based in Wes' interracial sissy universe. This universe is one in which black men are dominant and white males are expected by black men to dress as extremely feminine "sissies", with breast/lip impants, scandalous outfits, and heavy makeovers generally expected. Our plot is based around two characters, Sam and Carl, a father-son pairing who both work at the same company under a powerful black boss. However, something happens that affects both their lives...and sets them down the path that defines our series!

I understand that this kind of theme isn't my usual bread-and-butter, but it is one that I REALLY enjoy and have considered trying  similar captions on my own blog, so I hope you enjoy it too! If this isn't really your cup of tea, I will have a poll three days into this series (so Tuesday) asking what you think of the series so far and whether you'd rather see other captions. If people are clamoring for my old work as opposed to this series (which I would be surprised about, as it is VERY sexy), I will try to intermix some regular caps for you all while the series is going on.

But, without further ado, here is my first cap, the second in the series! Link to the first cap is here, and the general tags for Wes's blog and my blog are now linked. Enjoy!

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  1. A great start I look forward to seeing what your two evil minds have in store
    its not looking good.