Saturday, May 31, 2014

Working Bois Part 24: Good Ol' Working Bois

As a quick reminder, the new Explicit Caption Contest is up and running, so feel free to email me caps!

The finale (or at least last cap that I will produce) for this series is finally upon us - really hoped that you liked this different kind of series and did take the time to check out Wes' caps and his blog. Honestly, his work on the outlines, the images, and many of the clever ideas are all thanks to him - very grateful and proud to have produced this work with him! Anyways, as I implied, this is the penultimate cap to the series and the conclusion to the Carli/Sammi storyline - Wes' Part 25 is actually intended more as an epilogue, but definitely check it out because it is one of my favorite caps in the series. As usual, the tags for the all the caps done by Wes and done by me are linked.


  1. Congrats on finishing a great and epic series! :-D

    Great job, this whole thing looks like it was a lot of hard work, and took much coordination between you and WesMantooth. These all had wonderful pic choices (N. Benz is an old favorite of mine, especially those fake tits), and I really like the framing layout/edges you both used for all these to tie the series together. It works very well, without ever being obtrusive or distracting.

    - B-Rex,

  2. it has been a great series well done to both of you. nice to see what can be done with a long series and with two fine bloggers working together,
    I know I am a softie but I think it is a sad ending the two white bois totally beaten. but then that's forced fem. I expect you both need a rest now.
    thanks for the posts.

  3. Hey I really like all the work that has gone into this.

  4. You and Wes did an excellent job with this series. I don't think anyone has pulled off something like this. Keep up the excellent work and you both deserve kudos.