Saturday, June 7, 2014

Contest Winner Cap: Kieran

Hello everyone! I have a longer little spiel today before I get into the prize cap for the day. There have been a lot of little comments/things I have been meaning to address, but simply haven't had the time or energy as I caught a bug on Wednesday that hasn't gone away. So here is what I have to say!

First, after about 5 days of "voting" in the ratings poll for the Monday Meditation post, there seems to be a lot of popularity for certain themes/series. I hesitate to claim any as a favorite, as the rating system caused confusion on more recent posts (the numbering 1-7 was meant exclusively for the Monday Meditation post...I will have returned to the usual rating prompts as of this post) and I don't know how many people actually voted. That being said, the Songstress, New U Salon, and School Dress Code ideas were the most popular, and I plan on trying to get some caps made for those soon. However, I also am considering doing other themes/series that were somewhat popular, or that I am more interested in doing myself. For example, the Interracial Sissy theme was decently supported, and I may mix some of these caps in with regular caps under the "interracial sissy" tag, and I also have gotten far enough along in the Sissy Birthday series to want to finish it and am confident that it will be a decent work for you to enjoy.

Secondly, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the recent number of comments/feedback that have appeared under recent caps and emails you all have sent me. It's always nice to hear from you all on what you like in terms of themes, images, and other things I do in my captioning. It's also awesome when my caps inspire responses as to how people (especially captioners) would do similar work, or what adjustments I could make to improve my own. Thank you so much for all these kind/helpful words - it is truly appreciate.

Finally, playing off the idea of "commenting", I was hoping for a little feedback on artistic layout, both for my caps and the format of the blog itself. Having spent enough time in the TG captioning community to see all sorts of new blogs/new styles of caps pop up, both from new authors as well as established captioners, I am beginning to wonder if it's time to give my captioning a "makeover". On the one hand, I am hesitant to make broad scale changes to my blog/caps, having grown attached to the identity I've created over the years as the captioner with the same hot pink background, the simple Calibri font with no frills, and the classic ditzy Tara Babcock bimbo image for my banner and profile pic. On the other hand, I see the lovely caption layouts done by wonderful captioners such as Miss Simone and Wes Mantooth, as well as the elegantly designed blogs of Nikki Jenkins and Annabelle (to name just a few of the many) and wonder "Should I do something like this to improve my image/identity?" Let me know what you think in the comments below - should this blog and my work get a makeover?

Whew! All this talking and we still have to get to the lovely caption for Kieran! The wonderful idea behind this was a pair of swimmers who had a friendly competition to see who could be the best swimmer...with delicious feminization being the real end result. I modified this theme slightly as the image I had was based on one person, but it still holds true to the major points of this clever concept - enjoy!


  1. I love ur captions I don't think you need to change anything I love everything about them maybe some dirty captions with cum in it?

  2. First things first: Devilishly devine caption. Flows very, very well, culminating in the last bit almost to perfection. It's nicely done, the image fitting the story beautifully. Great job.

    As to the design / layout of your blog. There is always something nice about consistency, about the comfort you get going to a site you're happy with and fond of. It's like seeing an old friend. It's just comforting.

    At the same time, a little change can be a grand thing if done in the right way. Thing is, you don't need to do anything major, nothing major at all. Little tweaks, maybe. Keep your signature image, but maybe add additional tabs, allowing us to access the stories you written as seperate pages, maybe? Potentially have an "Elena Classics" section or something or other so that some of your older stuff is given a spot for a new look? Maybe a section for outside contributors who have submitted captions for your site?

    Change is fun. Always. But whatever you decide to do, don't overdue it. Keep it simple. Keep it light. Keep it fun. Most of all, keep it you. That's always the most important thing. You have a signature style, a signature voice, you should try and find a way to maintain that even when you attempt to play in different sandboxes (like your recent series with another site - new ideas, but the captions still felt entirely your own).

    Who knows if all of this makes any sense. In any regards, keep up the good work. Your site will always be a place I completely and utterly adore.

  3. I LOVE this caption. The subtle (not really) nature of the storytelling is a lot of fun and I actually wonder how his new "LOOK" is going to be taken by his friend. It's just fun and it hints and a lot without being over the top. The image does all the rest with her rather provocative body.

    As to the aspect of changing your formatting: I will always push someone to experiment both with writing and format. You might not like what you come up with right away but it can lead you to what you DO like. If nothing else, it will re-enforce what you already love. My first caps look NOTHING like what I make now. I tweaked and played until i found what I liked and I talked with other captioners about it.

    The core of your work will always be there: your subject matter, preferences, writing style and image selection. All you can do for those is refine them and distill them into the best versions of themselves. Ultimately you may find you wish to keep things as they are, but at least you now for sure.

    Also, I'll be glad to be an ear to bounce ideas off of, feel free to email me if you wish.

  4. I think experimenting with your captioning style would be interesting and worth a go but i would be against changing the blog's design as i associate it so closely with your captions