Thursday, June 12, 2014

Explicit Caption Contest Winners...Plus Analysis!

Hi everyone! As I previously explained, I am awarding a caption to each of the six individuals who participated in the last caption contest, as there cannot be any voting until I figure out an alternative to Blogger's broken polls. However, to make up for this a bit, I wanted to throw in a little "analysis" of one cap by each author, describing what I like about it/what it does well. So without further ado, here we go!

There were multiple caps from Edi that I enjoyed and considered writing, especially to applaud how well Edi took to the "explicit" part of the contest - but I kept coming back to this cap in particular. The biggest reason is the premise for the cap, as set in the first paragraph. I love the idea of a wide-scale "sissy parenting scheme", especially one that forces normal, heterosexual boys into unwilling, depraved acts. It's a very clever idea that sets up the context for the two sluts on their knees in front of a cock. Finally, finishing it up with a forced scenario for the unwilling sissy sticks well with the "explicit" theme, as I previously mentioned, leaving with a good concluding image of a ball gag entering Tammy's pretty painted lips. Very well done!

Aleksi Andrews
This was Aleksi's only cap and thus the one I have to discuss - but thankfully this was a cap that I enjoyed and would love to talk about! The first thing that struck me was the visually distinct technique of overlaying the pinkish/purple text directly over the image. While generally I advise against this (as I personally believe that the image should be sperate from the text, as overlaying text can sometime hide details in the pic or the text itself can be hard to read.), I though it was extremely effective at drawing attention to the image of the blond, looking at you with longing or desperate eyes as (s)he sucks a cock. The way this cap is formatted actually makes the image more hypnotizing/alluring, which I thought was awesome. And of course, the story itself in the text is good at being short and sweet, with the sexy concluding line of "every hairy, smelly, salty, slimey part of you!". For being a new captioner, Aleksi did a fantastic job!

With all due respect to the other wonderful caps in this contest, both by Candy and other, this was easily my favorite caption of the bunch. Part of it is the fact that the image was one of my favorites, and part is that this cap is a classic "alpha" cap that Candy does so fantastically well - but there were many other reasons that I loved this cap. It starts in the intro, with a brief glimpse at the current situation with enough sexy descriptions to drag my vision to the gorgeous cocksucking image, which only makes me want to read more! The setup.background that follows is believeable and interesting, but it's when you get back into the details of the transformation that the best parts of this cap shine through. Little notes about the "catcalls from the guards" after learning makeup from the drag queen prision bitches, sharing the bunk, giving up his ass in gratitude all add up to paint a beautiful picture of a submissive slowly giving into his life as a prison whore serving an alpha cellmate. The conclusion with the shiv and the extended sentence was perfect, as was the discussion of trying to get implants in the cell. It's all so wonderfully described, pushes a lot of buttons, and thus makes for an awesome caption.

Wes Mantooth
Wes was another participant who I had a tough time picking a caption to discuss because of so many quality caps by him - but I picked this one for a couple reasons. First, I think the dialogue of the character does a good job of reflecting the image selected. You can practically see the shame on the model's face as (s)he talks with the man paying for sex with a sissy. In line with that, I like how the dialogue effectively uses things like asterisks (*) and ellipses (...) to represent physical expressions (like blushing) or imply hesitation. It's a very good, simple way to give life to the character in a caption. Finally, when you combine all this with the typically beautiful formatting of Wes' caption and the sexy dialogue, you get a wonderful example of a great cap from an established captioner.

Brittany is frequent participant in my contests as of late, and has some very good caps that focus on a forced transformation with often mental changes as well. This cap is a good representation of that, setting up the transformation in the first paragraph by implying what will happen, then going into the juicy details in the final paragraph. I liked how this cap really sold the mental changes by having the transformed "Brittany" explain why she did things (like blow Elena's boyfriend because she had to "clean") in a way that implies that the new girl is dumb and obedient. This is especially evident in the concluding line where Brittany brings a tray with dildos on it, leaving the reader with the implication that it will be used on her. A very nice cap overall and continues the tradition of a "classic" Brittany7 cap.

The final cap to discuss is by the longstanding contest participant Donna. Although the lovely image that I love so much probably helped me picked this cap, I loved the way the cap twisted. Initially, it looks like the cocksucking boy "Beverly" was forced to becoming a willing sexy slut...but the cap twists around and reveals that "Beverly" is only doing this to keep "his" cock...and that the boy being blown will be transformed! I love surprises like this, especially when they are well-done and imply a future transformation. I only wish that we got to see a follow-up cap to this sexy one!


  1. If only all comments we received had such in depth and insightful analysis. Thanks for that. I look forward to the next contest.

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate the thoughtful response.

    -Wes Mantooth

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