Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Mediation - Looking for Feedback!

Hi everyone - no cap today, unfortunately. I do have plenty of caps in storage that I have ready for you all, as well as the prize caps for the seven winners of the last caption contest, but for now I wanted to just get some thoughts down and see what you all think.

So first, I really do hope that you enjoyed the Working Bois series by Wes Mantooth and I. This was one of the most fun experiences that I've had in terms of captioning, getting to working with a fantastic captioner like Wes and also producing 14 (plus 14 more from Wes) quality captions in a big series. However, I was a bit curious as to what the reaction would be, both because the series was longer and because it involved an "interracial sissy" theme that I don't normally focus on. It seems that it was at least somewhat popular - I averaged over 2000 more pageviews a day when this series was running. But that number also dwindled off near the end, and I wasn't sure if that was because you all were busy, uninterested in the content, or just tired of a longer series. So any feedback that you had, about what you liked and didn't like about this specific series, would be greatly appreciated in the comments below.
*EDIT* Thank you those who gave such nice comments on the final post of the series - I wrote this part before seeing all the love, so thanks for that! Still would like to know what others think, though, especially about a longer series like this!

Along the lines of pageviews, I recently hit 3 million views on this blog! I'm super excited about this, especially considering that I've gotten almost of third of all those pageviews in the past four months, meaning that you all have really liked the content I've been putting out! Additionally, I wanted to do something special to celebrate this occasion, and to thank you all for the continued support. But the problem with me is that I have A LOT of different ideas of what to do, but not enough time to make them all happen nor enough certainty in what you all would like. As such, I would like to share some ideas that I have had and am considering doing in the future!

First, I would like to note that all of the projects I am considering are longer and of two forms. The first is a series, much like the Working Bois concept where there are multiple captions back-to-back-to-back following a storyline. The other is more of a theme, kind of like How to be a Blonde Bimbo 101, where there are a bunch of captions under some umbrella theme that may overlap a little bit, but all caps are standalone and unique. With that in mind, here are a few projects/ideas that I would be interested in doing:
  1. INTERRACIAL SISSY THEME - I really have enjoyed writing interracial sissy captions, based around the idea that white males are expected/forced to be weaker, more femininely dressed sissies for strong black men. If this is something you'd be interested in seeing, I would love the chance to produce some single caps for you.
  2. SISSY BIRTHDAY SERIES - This is a series idea I built out of a caption I made and saved for expansion into a series. The premise is that a known crossdresser (known by the family, at least) is encouraged to admit his habits to a wider audience, but refuses to. So for his 20th birthday he is forced into a complete makeover into a bimbo sissy where he is introduced to his friends and family as a crossdressing sissy. The caps would explore his embarrassment, the other's reaction to him...and the discovery that he is DEFINITELY not alone in his habit!
  3. THE SONGSTRESS SERIES/THEME - Another series idea, or possibly even a theme, that I've been tinkering with. It's based on the idea that a beautiful pop diva rises to become one of the most popular singers of the time - but only her managers and those close to her know that she is really a man! One manager discovers that besides this, the "Songstress" (as she is called), is embedding innuendo (and possibly hypnotic commands) into her music that is convincing boys to dress more effeminately and girls to dress boys like themselves! He tries to fight her, but finds that the only way to stop to beat her at her own game! He crossdresses as a new pop diva with the opposite message...but can he stop the Songstress? Let me know if you like this concept!
  4. SCHOOL DRESS CODE THEME - This is based off a cap from an old caption contest by Ian. The idea is that a school vote rigged by the vote to change the dress code to that of a slutty schoolgirl parody is achieved - but it forces the boys to dress like this as well! That means long hair, full makeup, high heels, tiny skirts and crop tops! Caps under this theme would explore different scenario, how things have changed, etc.
  5. NEW U SALON THEME - Another idea based on some captions by Brittany7 as well as this wonderful story on Fictionmania by LeeLee. Basically, a salon that transforms and/or hypnotizes boys into beautiful girls. Pretty straightforward, would focus on pics with beautiful hair/makeup.
  6. WOMANLESS PAGEANT SERIES - Another straightforward series idea, because I've got a lot of pageant pictures together recently. It would show the different contestants, why they are in the contest, and talk about the winners and what happens to them as a result of winning!
  7. STARZ CLUB THEME - This final idea is one that I haven't fully fleshed out, but I really do like. It kind of plays off the ideas in the S.H.E.M.A.L.E Starz series, about a club run by shemales with shemales performing, but this theme would be much more all-encompassing. There would be sissies as well as shemales, discussions of different parts of the club (strippers, private rooms with lapdances, backstage where transformations are done), and things that happen to straight men (transformations, hypnosis, etc.) as well. Its a little open ended, but if you're at all interested let me know!
Phew! I know that was a lot, but like I've said I've had a lot on my mind. I would DEFINITELY like responses to this post in the form of comments below, but I will also try to get a poll working letting you vote for any theme/series idea that you like. There have been issues with polls on Blogger lately, so if that doesn't work PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment!
*EDIT* Polls still aren't working, so I'm changing the "rating" below all this posts and all others to numbers 1-7...each number corresponds to the ideas above, so in the rating check each number for the idea(s) you like on THIS POST ONLY so I can get a sense of what people think.

Thank you all - I appreciate each and every viewer here, so thank you for making this little blog possible!
-Elena Starz


  1. Well first, I loved the caption serie you did with Wes, although the sissification process was a bit to fast in my opinion (love slow transformations). I'm not sure why the views died of at the end though (checked for an update every day :P).
    About your second question. I absolutely loves the interracial theme (not sure why), but I think the songstress theme can be great (especially if there is a slow corruption / transformation theme on the main guy ;))
    I'm also think the dress code has great potential for slow transformation / adjustment caps and I also like the Stars club (I see it as something that would have similar caps as your Sissy Escape which was great).

  2. I loved it you an Wes did great I read every caption keep it going

  3. Congratulations! Im glad you had fun. While I certainly enjoyed the longer format as it really makes for a great payoff, I can see others perhaps wanting it to be a bitter shorter so the can get right to the point.

    I also think the birthday series sounds great!

  4. Love to see you do a series on the School Dress Code theme. Just so much there for you to work with and I'm sure it would be awesome!

  5. I would love to see the New U Salon theme.

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