Sunday, June 1, 2014

Three Friends, Four Caps

As a bit of business, I will be having a longer, exclusively written post discussing random things that I've wanted to talk about. This will be asking for feedback from all of you, so check that our please! Also, the Explicit Caption Contest is up and will be running for a little while longer, so try and get caps in sooner rather that later!

So today I have something a little special for you. As a captioner, my process generally goes as follows: I see an image I like, I envision a story for that image, and then I caption it. Occassionally, however, when I see an image I see multiple possibilities for the same image. Such is the case for this lovely image here! I actually thought of four possible stories, two of them fairly similar, two of them somewhat similar, but all unique none the less. I'm sharing them all with you today but would like to know - which caption was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below/if you would like to see more sets like this that involve multiple stories from the same image!


  1. I liked all four of these, but I think the second one was my fave, just for the nicely pulled-off twist ending. :-)

    Your process seems pretty similar to my own; I usually edit my caps to the point I end up throwing away two or three caps worth of text away. Sometimes the whole story changes, or takes on weird twists I never planned for.

    - B-Rex

  2. The second is my favorite - the twist of the end was the clincher for me. I love seeing the tables turned, especially when new girls get to be even more sexy than those who tried to turn them!

    The first one comes in second - It's almost as much fun and it's a cute ending that appeals to me.

    I think most of my captions come where the images sparks the story however I've found myself lately with an idea in mind for a story and knowing what kind of image I'll need for it. It's worked out well and sometimes my writing comes out stronger when it's not completely beholden to the image.

  3. I am in agreement with Rex and Simone. The second one was the best.

    For me in making captions,I tend to see a picture and it gives me a story which I try to get down before I lose interest due to my ADHD!

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