Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Favorite Caps: 2010

So it begins! My very first year of captioning, complete with my original formatting, blank white backgrounds behind text, and some VERY small images/caps! My very first post ever was actually a story, and in all honesty my stories were probably the best part of my newly created blog. But there were some decent caps in there that I here they are!

Caps done: 104

Top 10 Caps:

10: Anna's Perfect Day
Starting off with a longer cap (which I preferred to some of my very short/small-sized caps) that showed a lovely little mental struggle between a boy and his feminine alter-ego. The fact that it is a prom cap probably didn't help it getting into the top 10.

9. Untitled
A small cap that I did actually like, mostly because of the great image for hypnosis and the description of what the hypnotized man did to himself just to satisfy his urge to suck a cock.

8. Mary
A cap I made for Halloween that had a fun little twist, with the "attire" meant to dissuade a man from attending a Halloween party actually getting him to go as 'Mary'.

7. Best (Girl)friends
One of the first caps I saw that mixed narration, dialogue, and blocking well to sell the story. Plus, it's a happier story where all the boys turn out enjoying the punishment, which I like.

6. Untitled
Just a great story that mixes the image and the plot well. Not much to say other that I like it!

5. Untitled
One of the most original stories that I created in my first year (and pretty creative even now, IMO). I love the description of the changes and final like about Gerald being dead by "Genevieve" being alive and well.

4. Untitled
I chose this cap for two reasons. First, it really does a great job of describing all the transformations and selling it as things the man has done himself (even though it is really a hypnosis cap). But I also love the final line, "I will be taking my payment in blowjobs" - just a great image and sexy way to conclude the cap.

3. Untitled
This longer cap was actually a tribute to one of my favorite caps by Nadine that inspired me to start captioning, and thus holds a special place in my heart. But I also liked the transformation details and the boys' responses to the changes that they can't stop - it was why I liked Nadine's cap, so the fact that I could copy some of that is wonderful in my eyes.

2. Perfect
A lovely image and a powerful story on why this man transformed into this stunning woman was great for me. I love the idea of someone lazy and slovenly getting so angry with some one that their revenge is to become more perfect than them and I think this caption captured that emotion well.

1. Untitled
For a year dominated by hypnosis caps, it feels appropriate to pick my favorite hypnosis caption of the bunch. The image is great, the dialogue is fantastic - but it's the way that the two play off one enough is the best (like how his poses are described just like the picture). Additionally, the resistance leading to the complete transformation is awesome. Probably would make a Top 10 list of all my year of captioning.


  1. All are great choices. I like #5 the best. Just like you said, very original.

    -Wes Mantooth

  2. Its great to see your early work