Thursday, July 10, 2014

Favorite Caps: 2011

ADDED NOTE: Currently only have two questions for my "FormSpring" unless I get some more thoughts, I might not respond to questions until next week! So please, anything thoughts/comments, get them in!

Today we have 2011's top caps! It was a year where I really started my "bimbo" kick with caps about Bimbo Inc. and the Bimbo Virus and also had a lot of captions series of varying lengths. I will include any series I really liked as one slot in a Top 10, so without further ado...the Top 10 of 2011!

Caps: 176

10. Untitled
This cap was actually a entry for a contest at Strapped in Silk back when they used to do contests (or maybe the still do? I stopped following once caption contests stopped coming consistently on that site). Anyways, it's a bit long, but I was proud of the idea/the details of the transformation, so I thought I'd throw it in.

9. Slut Shampoo
This two-parter was my favorite of the original Bimbo Inc. caps describing the product line, so I thought I'd include it since it has evolved into so much more now.

8. Vanity Mirrors
One of my favorite themes to come out of this year (which I should do more of!) is the Vanity Mirrors concept, where a man gets so obsessed with his look that he desires to become more and more feminine each time he looks in the mirror. This cap represents this idea that best, IMO!

7. Priceless
This cap was actually part of the first representation of what has become my Quick Caps and was originally packaged under the name Rapid Caps. I actually really liked all four of those original caps, but chose this one to represent the bunch because of the MasterCard commercial tribute and the lovely bimbo image.

6. Bodysuit Bimbo
This series was one of the favorite stand-alone series that I created and also holds the distinction of being one of the only bodysuit caps that I have created. I think each cap does a good job of building up suspense and foreshadowing while also having enough interesting parts in each frame to make each individual part enjoyable. It really represents the ideal form for series that I have tried to emulated even today.

5. Untitled
At first I thought that this cap had no business being as high as I ranked it, considering that my main reason for choosing it is the fun, ditzy dialogue. But I also realize that it was one of the first times I really stared color-coordinating my text and background to my image (which I have continued to do today for the most part) and this color scheme is particularly good at making both the text and background standing out without dominating either. So for that reason I really like it

4. Oh Shit
One of the first explicit caps that I had done, I actually chose this because of the creative perspective. Writing a hypnosis cap from the perspective of a guy coming out of hypnosis and seeing himself in a mirror sucking a cock is great...but the "Oh shit..." reaction at the end and the way I make it stand out by shifting the text to the right is fantastic.

3. Tonight
This cap was one of the better stories that I had created up until this point. The idea is very creative, if a bit sad, but it blends very well with the picture. Really loved finding and re-reading this again - only reason it didn't get number one is that two of my favorite caps are next...

2. Oh No
I just love this cap. I generally try not to select my favorite caps based on the image alone (although sometimes I'm guilty of preferring a cap based on a good image), but this cap could sell me on the surprised look of the model alone. Add some great dialogue that really sells what each character is thinking/feeling, and you get a classic caption!

1. Trust Me
The top cap of 2011 might even be in my Top 5 all-time in all honesty. I really like how each paragraph starts with "Trust me..." and then details how feminine the "trust me" makes the main character, but finally this retrospective recollection turns into the friend (who is clearly very willing to turn himself into a sexy slut at this point) saying "Trust me" again...and the main character is foolish (or smart enough) to believe him again. Just a sexy and creative cap all-around!


  1. Once again all great, but my favorite this time was #4 - Taylor Wane planting a big kiss on a cock, the internal monologue, the sissy's surprise at the end - tough to beat.

    -Wes Mantooth

  2. Vanity Mirror is by far my favorite, of this set both from a story and image standpoint. I will be flat out honest and say I will most like cap that image in the future. YOU did something wonderful with it. You are a much better writer than you are given praise for so I want to make sure you are aware of how talented you are.