Saturday, July 12, 2014

Favorite Caps: 2013

Only about 50 caps in this "year" because  most of the year was eaten up by my long hiatus and the conclusion of the HTBABB 101 series. But, in between some lovely Quick Caps and some inspired regular caps, I can easily pull out 10 caps that I am quite proud of!

Caps: 57

10. Untitled
A lovely Halloween cap that turned out much more erotic and enticing than I remember...a VERY fun reread for me.

9. Damsel in Distress
A little bit unbelievable of a cap, but the slow transformation was a lot of fun and envisioning this model as the final result made for a good cap in my opinion.

8. Lucky Guy
I love the way I described the step-by-step transformations in this one. The first paragraph sets it up well, and the conclusion really ties together how much of a simpering bimbo he has become, but it's the transformation details in the middle paragraph that make this a worthy cap for this Top 10.

7. Ho Ho Ho
Of all the TG caps I've seen about Santa getting sucked off by a naughty boy, I don't think I've seen a single one where HE becomes the bimbo! While I like this a lot, I also like the dialogue - it sounds like a normal wife and husband talking about cheating, with the husband denying it (with some 'ho ho hos' added, of course) and the wife getting fed up in the end. All around fun cap.

6. Help Me!
Imagine this: you're stuck in a feminizing institute, you're calling someone desperately to get you out...and you find out they did it to you! Yeah, fun plot the monologues of each character do a great job of describing the transformation and devilish plans that caused it.

5. Probably...
Quick Caps are generally too brief to have a lot of positive traits to talk about (and thus have a hard time making my Top 10) - but this cap does a great job. I like how I put the questions right by the body part they were asking about (lips by lips, nails by nails, boobs on boobs), concluded in bigger font on the bottom, and of course made a fun response too. This displays a lot of the potential of Quick Caps, which is why it's so high.

4. Walking the Bitch
Easy cap to make once I saw the image, and the slow transformation I added makes it a high choice for me. Great image, great cap basically :)

3. Three Reasons
 Hear is EASILY my favorite Quick Cap of all-time. Besides the stunning model, I am very proud of how I wrote this cap. It is very hard to use a pic that has three small shots in the same image (because a single image is generally too small for what I want and all three tend to conflict/imply a progression in events because they are different poses), but labeling it with the three reasons I LOVE this pic made it easy to use the image and produce this memorable Quick Cap.

2. Mr. Robinson
My tribute cap to "The Graduate" turned out very well IMO. I intentionally tried to mimic the actually dialogue from the movie, altering it of course at the end for a sexy, horny crossdresser twist. Very proud of the balance between the homage and the creative side of it.

1. Trophy Spouse
This cap is just so great for so many reasons. I love the image - perfect for this concept - but it's really the whole idea of a man becoming a trophy wife that tickles my fancy. Even better, his wife goads him into it because she has dominance over the words of the cap "what I love even more is the knowledge that I turned him into this, into the attention-grabbing blond fashionista, in aperfect trophy wife". Simply lovely story :)

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  1. 2013 was the first year I started reading your blog and in looking back at previous years' captions now, I think this is the year you really grew from a very good captioner to a great captioner (IMHO). These are all amazing. #8 is perfect, slow transformation with the perfect story for that image. #6 is a very sexy romp through a true forced scenario. #2 is one of the coolest, most original tg caption ideas I've seen (it helps that it uses a movie I love). And what can I say about #1? Seriously fantastic. The image is outstanding but the idea of a "kept sissy" is so hot. What a great year you had.

    -Wes Mantooth