Sunday, July 13, 2014

Favorite Caps: How to Become a Blonde Bimbo 101 Series

For a bit of business before the exciting look into the HTBABB 101 series, thank you to all those who have been sending me questions via the FormSpring gadget/caps for the Female Impersonator Caption Contest. I actually have enough questions to make a FormSpring post, but want to save it until Friday to be consistent, while the caption contest will last for another four days or so (so send me more! Loving the ones that have been entered so far!). Also, thank you to people responding to these Favorite Cap posts - nice to hear what you all think of my previous work!

My capstone piece, the HTBABB 101 series, had so many caps that I loved that it was VERY difficult to narrow it down to a top I decided to expand it slightly to a Top 15, and here are the results! Let me know what your favorites were/are...really curious to see what caps from this series people really liked!

Caps: 110

15. Sofia
First cap up is a nice combination of the pic and the story to make a "sex"-y cap about Professor Blonde "understanding" what a student wants. Also like the color coordiantion - worked really well with the image.

14. Karli
Another good background/image pairing, this cap stands out because the guy is not actually a bimbo, but is turned into one by his bimbo girlfriend who's logic is not very sound...even if it makes her boyfriend into a lovely bimbo! Love that concept and the dialogue.

13. Chrissy
This cap could have made it just for the lovely pic...but it makes the list thanks to the wonderful concept of what happens when these bimbofied boys return home from school. Fun dialogue and great reactions from the sister make this a good cap IMO.

12. Genevieve
The last in this run of ideas I like, the concept of a rich boy turning into a bitchy slut and being backmailed for it is just perfect. It matches the fur-wearing beauty in the image, and the first-person perspective I chose was very effective at explaining the "real story".

11. Jenni
This cap is a more of an artistic selection - I intentionally contrasted a background story of an emo boy with the concluding story of what happens after he is hypnotized and turned into a blond bimbo, but more specifically mirror each line in a way such that it is clear how much the boy has changed. Really proud of that contrast - made for a creative cap.

10. Ruth
Another artsy cap I'm proud of, this one stands out for the plethora of baseball reference I threw in that are also double entendres or are contrasted with a sexual similarity. Plus, the image is fantastic and a baseball bimbo named babe "Ruth"? Can't get much better than that :)

9. Alexia
This cap crack the top 10 by having really good transformation details and signs of the hypnosis. The contrasting boy and bimbo personalities create a wonderful tension in the cap that I enjoyed rereading.

8. Ashley and Paula
A simple but effective cap - one friend is trying to avoid acting like a bimbo, while the other is embracing it and forcing the other to join him. Plus, the image matches this dichotomy perfectly!

7. Bambi and Bella
I love this cap because of the idea of a hypnotized boy becoming a role model for a brother who thinks he's doing just what his brother wants him to do. Great description, the helpless humiliation is great, and the only reason it isn't higher is because it's long and I messed up the color of the dialogue so that it blends into the background.

6. Audrey (Audi)
This cap makes it this high because I was (and still am) so proud of the fact that for the entire first paragraph you can totally believe that this is about a car...until the last paragraph reveals the truth. Add a sexy image, a car pun with the name "Audi"...and you've got a good cap in my eyes.

5. Melissa
Although in retrospect the color combination of text and background wasn't great, it mirrors the attention-grabbing nature of the pic and storyline. I really enjoyed the concept of a male attention whore willingly becoming a female bimbo whore to get the attention of Professor Blonde...a nice extreme outcome to a frequent occurrence in school.

4. Candi
I realized when I wrote this that the story was too long...but I loved it too much to scrap and I'm glad I didn't. This cap just has a nice, empowering vibe to it, kind of a "Cinderella" story if you will, that I love.

3. Nikki and Vicki
Easily the best pure dialogue cap in the HTBABB 101 series. The ditzy bimbo language from both is phenomenal, but the fact that they're acting so clever about avoid Professor Blonde's bimboization attempts when they really look/are acting just like she would want is priceless. Very enjoyable cap because of that.

2. Francesca
I don't know if it's the lovely bimbo pic, the use of the short guy complex in the cap, or the fact that I to am on the shorter end of the male spectrum, but I just loved this cap. All the wonderful transformation details on how Professor Blonde helps him get "bigger" is perfect - it's a cap that really stands "tall" in my eyes and makes my "short" list of good caps without a doubt.

1. DeeDee
And the number 1 cap in the series is one that became the backbone for any semblance of "storyline" through my mostly standalone series. It introduces Dean Rests and of course his son, DeeDee, who becomes important later during the Dean's transformation. But this cap also stands out because of the great balance between the whiny, bitchy dialogue of DeeDee and the measured, logical thoughts/responses of his father the dean. DeeDee is the perfect bitchy bimbo in my mind, and this cap sells that really well.


  1. My favorites were 12, 6, 3, and 1.

    12 was the one that caught my eye when you were originally posting them. The picture and the description of events just seem like the were meant for each other. 6 like you described, has that amazing first paragraph. One has the sexy model that you and I both like to use and the perfect contrast between the dad and the son. But, it's number three that was my all-time favorite. Rikki Six and a cap with slutty sissy bimbos who think they're still macho is a winning combination for me.

    -Wes Mantooth

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