Friday, July 18, 2014

FormSpring Friday 7/18

Another addition of FormSpring Friday! Most of these questions are kind of old, so sorry for the delay! And please keep up the questions if you want this series to continue...makes it worth having this FormSpring gadget as opposed to just asking you all to email me questions.

Wes Mantooth: How did you get into captioning? What keeps you motivated to keep producing?
Elena: Great question. I honestly don't remember EXACTLY how I got into captioning. I know was browsing the web at some point in time and stumbled across a caption blog...and quickly fell in love with both the stories and the images paired with them. Eventually after lurking for a long time on random sites, I decided I wanted to try my hand...and the rest is history. In terms of staying motivated, I've chalked it up to some combinations of PALS - People, Artistry, Literature, and Sexiness. I am very driven to support people in the TG cap community, especially after getting to know a fair amount of you and seeing some in the community disappear after a great run of fantastic captions. I enjoy the art of finding images and having the writing ability to pair a story with it. Finally, a large component is the sexual thrill...if not the caps themselves, many of the photos are, shall we say, exhilarating for me to enjoy. So I come back and keep producing, one day at a time :)

Anonymous: Is there anything you consider to be really off limits when it comes to caps?
Elena: Another great question because it made me think about exactly what I stand for in captioning. My initial thoughts were incest, rape, and pics of people I know/pics people want me to cap of themselves are off limits...but then I realized that I like some sissy caps where a dad/son have a more intimate realtionship, or interracial sissy caps where the white boi ends up forced into sex, and have even done some caps for people I know with images they have. So I guess the general rule of thumb I go by is "play it by ear" - if I come across an idea for a cap or story that I find disturbing, I will generally not do it. But if it's pitched to me right, isn't to overtly bothersome...I might do it (although note that there are some caps I won't do that aren't really "off-limits", like female to female caps, just because they aren't my cup of tea). Sorry if that answer is unspecific, but it's the best I got.

Brittany7: What are the biggest changes or improvements since you've started your blog?
Elena: In terms of the blog itself, not much has changed - same background, header, and pretty much the same color scheme since Day 1. But I would say that increased frequency of posts has helped, as well as the addition of interactive activities like polls and caption contests so you all can work with me to share your thoughts and work. Then, of course, the captions have improved in quality (at least in terms of formatting and coloring...much more sharp/interesting now that I've experimented with different ways to make caps).

Anonymous: Elena, who are some of your favorite forced femme authors?
Elena: Oooh...hard to choose. Easily my favorite is Wyrdey (GREAT bimbo/slut stories), but there are many other great authors I enjoy. SubS also has some wonderful bimboish stories, Lori San D'Angelo wrote three phenomenal gradual change stories that I adore, and Rosie has some excellent forced femme stories. There are many authors who have individual pieces that I love, and some who's volume of consistently good work I admire, but these four authors stand out because I enjoy the vast majority of their work.

Anonymous: Ummm hi sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you take caption requests?
Elena: Not a bother at all - this is an example of the exact kind of question I WANT to answer via FormSpring Friday! The answer is yes, I do take caption requests (email me at ElenaStarz4372 at, but I cannot guarantee that I will cap your request if I don't have time, don't have an image in mind for it, or if I'm uncomfortable with the request (see the second question above). The only way I GUARANTEE I will make your caption request is if you participate in one of my caption contests and win - it's my way of rewarding your hard work!

Anonymous: I was wondering if you would be willing to do a caption where a boy gets hypnotized and turned into a big-breasted bimbo baby. I love your captions BTW they're all so amazing! <3
Elena: Glad you enjoy them! I would refer to the question I answered above to whether I do requests - but I would say that your theme is interesting!

Anonymous: Are you more in support of Isreal or Palestine and WHY?
Elena: I probably would have skipped over this if I hadn't seen someone asking Wes the exact same type of questions on his Q&A. I'm not going to outright reject questions like this, because discourse about important topics is necessary, but you're asking me, a TG captioner,  to respond to a complex, intricate issue that I have minimal to no background or insight into. So don't expect me to have much of an answer :) In fact, on this specific issue, the answer is neither. I suppose you could take it as an ignorant American not caring about an important international political conundrum, but in reality I think it's unfair for me to evaluate/judge two nations to which I have only a rudimentary understanding of. So sorry if it's a cop out...but you're asking the wrong person...on this issue anyways :)

Anonymous: Post a pic of your cock
Elena: THIS, however, is the exact kind of question I will in the future not respond to because A. It's not even a question, B. It's incredibly crude/rude, and C. There are plenty of penises on the don't need mine to do whatever you do with a dick pic.

Anonymous: Do you have any plans on starting a new series anytime soon?
Elena: Yes! I know I promised to try a few new series (like the Songstress) and themes (New U Salon and School Dress Code)  a while back and haven't really delivered on that :( However, I do have a 10-part project I've been working on that I think will turn out nicely when I finish it. So stay tuned!

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