Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thoughts While I'm Gone

Hi all,

Unfortunately this isn't a "I'm back!" post - still not where I want to be in between balancing my bills and having money for computer. Hope that extra work over holidays may help...but we'll see.

Until then, I wanted to take use of the massive gap in time to ask you all what I should do when I get back to captioning. Obviously I'll have regular caps (and finally get prize caps for contest winners to those people!), but I also want to start some series. Some old/newer ideas that I've been playing with:

1. Schoolgirl Series - One of the original ideas for a series from way back, inspired by a contest cap, about a school that changes it's dress code to that of a sexy schoolgirl...requiring all boys to wear heels, skirts, long hair, and even wear makeup/get implants.
2. Duck Flu series - Another idea from a contest cap (that I may have talked about before...I can't remember) about a disease that causes bimbofication...with specific symptoms being big fat lips, big breasts, girly personality changes.
3. Pink Room series - A new idea about a pink room that men get trapped in and either feminizes them/forces them to feminize themselves before they can escape. Lots of pink, blondes, and bimbos in this series!
4. Toon World series - Something I'm still playing with...basically there are a lot of sexy computer-generated images that would be interesting caps...but not "realistic". So this would be a universe where men log on and create sexy "toon" characters and either get trapped in the program or start acting like the "toon" in real life...something like that.

That's all the ideas I have off the top of my head, but I'm welcome to listening to others if you suggest them in comments! Also, I'm looking for possible caption contest themes for when I get back - I'll put a poll for those and for the series ideas to let you vote on what you like so I know what to look for when I start capping again!

Miss you all,
Elena Starz


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Pink Room serie; Remind me something ^^

  3. Have always liked the pink room concept- think I first saw it used in an old story by Gunslinger. The idea of being forced to change oneself to escape is extremely

  4. I like the pink room, but the toon mental changes sound intriguing too

  5. the 'Duck Flu' option really peaked my interest

  6. Pink Room sounds delicious.

  7. Please come back soon we really miss you and your posts! I like the pink room and school girl series!

  8. I think duck flu could be funny not to mention easy to find pics for. but I also want to see "toon" I like the idea of computer games gone rouge

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