Monday, December 22, 2014

Contest Winner Caps: Wes Mantooth (White Boi Career Day)

So today's prize is a bit unique. Wes has been someone I've worked with and admired for a while, as well as someone who has entered fantastic caps that have won a few prizes recently. He asked for a caption about one of his characters in his interracial sissy universe called Candy Luvdarc, who is a white school teacher that often ends up pleasuring his students. This character has a specific model that Wes likes to use, and upon searching for some images of this person I was inspired to make a series of captions. Not only that, but I decided to pay tribute to some of Wes' other characters that I love, to both make up for the multiple prize caps I owe him and to say thank you for creating such dynamic characters on his blog. The result is this "White Boi Career Day" series: enjoy!

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