Friday, December 12, 2014

FOUR HUNDRED/MILLION (Cap: Do I Really Have to Do This?)

Lot's of big news and updates! First, thank you to those who were a part of the flurry of comments I got on my three series, especially those who commented on multiple - really appreciate the feedback and love some of the ideas that are being brought up. Secondly, there are about two more days left in the contest poll, so vote if you haven't! Finally, the really big news that I just noticed is that in the span of two days this blog has gained it's 400th follower and hit 4 million page views. That;s crazy! Although there's been some lapses and delays due to absence, that's a great growth over 4.5 years! Thank you all for the love and support, and I hope to continue to repay you with great captions for much, much longer!

Now for the caption: Sometimes men cheat on their wives. Sometimes men give those mistress' their bank account information. Sometimes the mistress takes all the money. And sometimes the furious wife makes the husband dress as his mistress to try and regain control of their funds. 


  1. Congratulations Elena, that's a huge amount, and well deserved too. Really nice caption too!


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