Sunday, December 7, 2014

School Dress Code Opening

Hello all! As a heads up, I will be posting submissions for the Best Friends Caption Contest tomorrow (possibly in 7 hours) meaning if you want your cap to get in you need to send it to me ASAP.

Today I have the start of three days that I hope to be very exciting. Not because of any phenomenal standalone caps, but because I will be posting the beginning "context cap" for each of the three series/themes you all wanted to see (namely the School Dress Code Series today, Duck Flu series/them tomorrow, and the Pink Room theme on Tuesday)! My goal with these captions are to 1. Give you a sense of what the series is about and 2. Try to use them to open up some discussion on what details/direction should I take for each plot. With that in mind, I hope to see lots of comments/emails to help shape the direction of what I believe could be some very fun additions to this blog!

So first up today is the School Dress Code series, which for now on will be dubbed the "Mildew High Dress Code". It's based off this lovely cap from Ian and is simply about a school where all students are forced to wear slutty schoolgirl outfits and look like bimbos! I'd like you all to read both Ian's cap and this first one below, then hopefully give me some feedback to questions below the cap!

So hopefully by this point you've read both Ian's and my first cap (and maybe even enjoyed them!) - now for some feedback. I have a general sense of where/what I want to do with this - it's going to be somewhat chronological, at least in the beginning, to try and establish some norms and possible reactions to the new dress code. What I want to know from you is this: should I write caps mostly in third person as if they've already happened (kind of like the opening paragraph to this first cap) or should I try to focus more on dialogue as if events are happening? Secondly, what possible ideas for things that could happen to students at school? Does the football team become a cheerleading squad? Are teachers also subject to these dress code requirements? Should I make caps about female students affected as well? Let me know!


  1. Great opening caption. I'm excited to see where you take this. I think you could go either way on the narration (first or third person) and it would still work really well.

    As for suggestions on where to take things...
    -Definitely include a few captions with girls tormenting the bois. This series is ripe for some great femdom captions.
    -Teachers should definitely be included. You can get a good mix of MILF issy and teen sissy captions that way.
    -You definitely need to include another school (maybe Mildew's old rival in football) so that some unfeminized boys can get their hands on these new sissies.

    -Wes Mantooth

  2. I'm a big fan of using the uniform as a form of punishment or discipline but the wearer winds up being unable to go back to their old way of dress afterward. Discovering his hidden sissy.

  3. I like what you have done so far, would like to see a mens rights type guy who tries to fight the system and is punished..

  4. I think captions that focus on dialogue are generally sexier, more intimate. The Mildew High football team becoming a cheerleader squad would only make sense if they have a team to cheer for and support. That could either be the football team of a neighboring school, the members deciding to dominate these sissy bois, or it could be the girls' team.

    Maybe the girls of Mildew High get their own more masculine dress code (such as a tie, blazer, and slacks), and they enjoy pushing around the sissies that they start to work out more, get a little butch. They start their own football team which the bois cheer for -- and in the locker room, the girls slam the squealing sissies against the wall and ream out their butts with big ol' strap-ons!

  5. Would also love to see the female teachers starting to get more "creative" in disciplining the bois -- and the same with the male teachers. It makes the teachers' lounge much more fun!

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