Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Four Stages of Your Sissy

So a bit of business and fun today. First, I have been in-and-out recently due to some personal business, meaning I have done some things and neglected others. For example, the winners of the last caption contest have been emailed about prize caps - those winners (and past winners I still haven't added!) will be put on the "Contest Winners" page and will be getting a post tomorrow as congratulations. Secondly, I am finally going to start posting prize caps that I have made for old winners - that should also start tomorrow/Saturday and span for quite a bit. I still haven't finished some prize caps for a few people (thank you for being patient - they're coming!) but have enough done to the point that I can complete these unfinished ones and still not miss a day of caps. Finally, I am slowly accumulating caps for the three series/themes for this blog and will be posting sporadically to keep you all interested. At some point when I have a better collection completed I might start picking a specific day of the week to post the next cap for a series/theme, but that will be a while until I'm capable of that. Simply too many ideas/caps to work with and not enough time at the moment! :(

However, I did recently complete something I think is quite fun. I've been toying with multi-cap series (distinct from series/themes that can posted separately and stand-alone) and have one to post together. I really liked this set because of a few reasons: it allowed me to use some smaller images that normally wouldn't work for a cap (I tend to set 500x500 pixels as my minimum), it allowed me to experiment with new cap design (i.e. the border and titles for each cap in the set), and finally I managed to design it such that each cap is the same size and the framework (pink title size, pic size, text box size) is all the same. Plus, I'm really pleased with the way this series could be read as general instructions or a specific sissification case that's fun either way. But that's enough talking: enjoy The Four Stages of Your Sissy! 


  1. these are hot, I love all of them. Great pictures and nice caps too

  2. First off. I'm so happy ur back. I just need some1 to spank me for how long it took to notice it

    2nd other then it being a gf not a sis that was the guiding force this like describes my early evolution so much. Only I suck dicks not dance to pay for things

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