Friday, December 5, 2014

Wine Aficionado

Hi all! Bit of a longer post to touch on a few things. First, thank you to all those who have been entering in the caption contest - I think I'll let people enter submissions over the weekend and then post them all on Monday (early or late I still haven't decided yet). Also, I've been getting a few questions from various people on where to find pictures, so I figured that I'd just share where I like to go! My Top 5 places to search for pictures:
1. Tumblr - I do have a Tumblr page (which I haven't updated in over a, but mostly I use Tumblr to follow other people who make captions or just have really good photos I like. Picking a few sites that update regularly/focus on pics you like (bimbos, shemales, and crossdressers for me) and checking them every once in a while is a great way to get pics.
2. ImageFap - An interesting site that caters to more sexual images (and caps!)...pop-ups and really distracting ads are common place, but the image sets that are on there are usually very, very good.
3. Pintrest - Usually has a lot of good image sets as well, but I find it harder to search for good sets on the site itself because the site tends to have cleaner content and thus won't have many people posting about the things we like on this blog :)
4. Other people's captions - I will admit that if some captioner I see uses a picture that I REALLY like in a cap, I will take the cap, paste it into paint, and crop for just the image for reuse. Generally I tend to avoid this (in a sense to increase diversity of images in the captioning community and also because I find that my stories end up similar to the caption the image came from), but it's also an option that I definitely see other captioners employ.
5. Google Search! - Easily the simplest and frequently most effective way to get images. Just search a theme, scroll through pics, and see where it takes you! Also, if I find an image I like, often I will right-click the image and choose "Search Google for this image" in the pop-up menu (don't know if it works for all we browsers, but it works for me!). Sometimes the "similar images" will also contain things I like, or will lead to posts containing that images that also have more images I like in them.
So yeah! Just my two cents on what you can do/what I do! Obviously, be conscious of what kind of images you are taking and whether you are concerned with copyright and such - I've never had any problems but there are people out there who might get angry if you use their photos to make them into a gorgeous bimbo or something.

Anyways, today's cap inspired by vloggers, specifically those who focus on wine. I'm not much of a wine drinker myself, but I think I threw in enough double entendre terminology to make it fun. Enjoy!


  1. I dont drink much wine either but I do love something with a nice full body and a little bite.

  2. I would repeat Elena's tumblr recommendation. Just find a blog you like, switch to 'archive' and scroll down to anything that catches your eye. There are loads of 'bimbo' blogs that are collections of fantastic pictures, but also tg blogs, glamfashion blogs and cosplay blogs make good sources. With Elena's permission I could link to a few of the best ones. Another thing I think is helpful is even if you dont find exactly what you are looking for, save any pic you think would make a good cap in the future, even if you dont have a story yet. I have a folder of about 200 pictures just waiting for the right idea.

    As for this cap :) I must say it's my fav since you returned Elena. It is so well written and I love the Bimbo inc. caps.


  3. I tend to stay away from any picture that I know has been used in someone else's TG caption, specifically because of the reason you list, that I'd hate to even subconsciously steal any ideas from them, plus its weird, but I often remember if I've seen a picture in someone else's caption already!

    For me, Imagefap is one of the main stops for finding pictures. If you have a good pop-up blocker, you don't see any ads at all!

    I am afraid of using Pinterest, Tumblr and DeviantArt, mostly because the people who created the source material tend to be more offended when we "appropriate" their pictures for other uses. I've luckily only had one or two captions I needed to pull down due to a model or photographer protesting their use, and that wasn't my doing, but was supplied by the person I was trading captions with.

  4. This former Justin (now Justine usually) loves wine. And wishy this champagne blond was a real 1

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