Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sissy Caption Contest Presentation

Alright all! Here we have the fabulous captions for the Sissy Caption Contest! A total of 25 caps from nine different people, including some new faces with some excellent work! As previously noted, there will be no prize caps associated with this contest - however I do plan on making a post in a few days selecting my favorite caption (or possibly two) from EACH entrant and giving a little analysis of it. This will be my way of saying thank you and giving some sort of "prize" out, as well as feedback that might help in the future! So thanks again to all the participants and enjoy these caps!

Natasha 1
 Natasha 2
The Zoligomyst 1
 The Zoligomyst 2
Darrell 1
 C2Sanon 1
 C2Sanon 2
 C2Sanon Series
Anderson 1
 Anderson 2
 Anderson 3
 Anderson 4
 Anderson 5
 Anderson 6
Ian 1
Amy Harris 1
 Musta 1
 Musta 2
 Musta 3
 Musta 4
 Christina 1
Brittany7 1
 Brittany7 2
Brittany7 3
 Brittany7 4


  1. Some great caps this time around. Since there's no official vote, my 100% unofficial vote goes to Ian's fantastic cap. Btw that is the second great Ian cap I've read on here, does he have a blog or deviantart or something?


  2. Thanks Zoligomyst love your two also. i do have a blog (hope thats ok Elena.)
    not the most up dated blod but aim to do better this year.
    do you have a blog i well add it to my blog list?

  3. fine captions from every one well done all.
    and all done for the fun of it. fantastic

  4. thanks Ian, my blog is I'm able to put a new cap up everyday for now because I made loads of caps before I got brave enough to let people see them and I have a massive backlog. Sorry Elena for using your comments section as adverising space. My bad. :)

    Zoli x