Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The last day of sissy caps come with a special announcement. As you may know, I thoroughly enjoy the interracial caps first made big by Nikki Jenkins and more recently been taken to super sexy levels by Wes Mantooth, and have even posted some on this blog. However, in my experience I have noted that some are uncomfortable with this theme and don't enjoy reading it when I posted to this blog. That created a conflict for me - how do I take reader's preferences into consideration while still allowing myself to create caps in a theme/universe that I enjoy? The answer is to split my blog from my interracial work. So I've decided to open up a new interracial sissy cap blog for those who want to see these caps. Please read the introduction I've linked you to and comment on that post if you have any questions - I won't be posting incredibly frequently there, but enough to justify making this sister blog!

Finally, after getting that business out of the way, we have our final sissy cap for a while. This one is the classic "aunt/stepmother feminizing nephew/stepson" theme. I tried to go heavy on the detail because I felt this wonderful image warranted it. Enjoy!

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  1. Another amazing photo. It was also an intruiging story. Sonething that begs a continuation.