Monday, March 2, 2015

Re-Introductions: The Starz Sisters

So I mentioned in a post a few days ago that there was something I wanted to reveal. It's been something I've been struggling to do for a while now, simply because timing is important and I wasn't quite sure of the reaction. Having just gone through the possibility of moving sites during the Blogger incident and seeing the adjustment it would take, I decided that now was a good time to make this announcement that will affect how this blog is run. The "reveal" is simply this - I am multiple Starz captioners.

Some clever folks who have been around the community a while might already know what this is referring to, but to everyone else some explaining is in order. Way back in January 2013, I took the longest extended hiatus in the history of this blog, not posting caps from then until late September 2013. The reasons were personal ones that continue to plague me in various forms even today - captioning sucks up a lot of time and occasionally makes me question myself when I am struggling emotionally. However, I did not stop captioning during that 8 month period of time. I actually went on to create two new sites about a month after stopping posts on this site; Serena Starz TG Captions (which I promoted on my blog as the work of a "fan") and Hallie Starz TG Captions (a site I did not promote as an experiment to see how difficult it was to increase the popularity of an unknown site). All caps on these sites were done by me.

So why did I do this? Honestly, it was because I loved captioning too much to quit but wanted to do something "fresh" without the pressure of completing a daily cap as Elena. I was about one-fifth of the way through my "HTBABB 101" series without any ideas and tired of doing the same cap over and over; so I started over. "Serena" focused on two new series and "Hallie" created a wonderful universe called "Sissy Island". I was (and still am) proud of the work I published on those sites, but was afraid of revealing my true identity because I didn't want people to think that I flaked out on my original site/HTBABB 101 series so quickly.

To those who this is a surprise, I apologize if this revelation offends you or makes you think I am sneaky and untrustworthy. All I ask is for a bit of understanding - I may have done a somewhat selfish thing but it was something necessary for my personal survival and the eventual revival of this blog. Posting caps daily is something I only started after I returned from my work as Serena/Hallie and I hope the collective body of work I have done speaks to how much my work is done to please you all. If a selfish act is the root of many more selfless acts, I think it has some merit.

Now why am I telling you all this now? Because these old sites and personalities are coming back in the form of "Starz Sister Sites". I have come to the conclusion that in order to "expand" my work, I will need to compartmentalize it better. So what I plan on doing is updating/creating sites specifically tailored to a certain style of captions, with a unique Starz "sister" controlling each site. Serena Starz will host "Starz TG Series" in honor of the two great series I made back in 2013, which will be the location of new editions of the Duck Flu and Mildew High Dress Code series. Hallie Starz will be in control of "Starz Sissy Island", a site that will contain exclusively sissy caps and also focus on the "Sissy Island" universe developed there. Maddi Starz of the recently created "Starz Interracial Captions" will focus on interracial captions and possibly start to include explicit captions in general. Finally, Ariel Starz is the newest sister who will be in control of the new "Starz Caption Contest" site, where all future contests will be held.

Of course, I will continue to post captions here on this original blog too as Elena. The sister blogs will reduce clutter and hopefully allow people to explore specific interests which much more appropriate tags. It may mean that I won't always post once a day here - but I guarantee that at least one of the Starz sisters will have a post each day. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want to tell me that you already knew about Serena and Hallie (honestly I am curious if anyone figured it out) please post a comment in one of the sites. Otherwise, take the links to the sites and enjoy any caps you haven't already read - there's a lot of them!


  1. that's quite a work load you created for yourself. A few of my friends here in TG land have experimented with alias blogs/identities so they could explore new things. It can be a good idea if you can keep it up.

  2. wow, Ive seen the other sites but I guess I thought you were all referencing something that I wasn't aware of. I like to think had I checked I would have recognised your style but Im not so sure... I was actually already astonished at the number of caps you make, now my mind is just totally blown. Well done Elena, Ive got a lot of reading to do...


  3. Knew about Serena, but not Hallie. I really enjoyed the Bimbo High series while it lasted.

  4. Quite a workload indeed, hope you will be able to handle it. Great idea though, everything organized and a site for everyones tastes, good luck!

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