Thursday, May 21, 2015

Been a While...

Hi everyone,

It's been far too long between posts and by this point I had hoped that I would be back captioning with some regularity - but I haven't. It's no longer trauma or stress that has reduced my capacity to produce caps. It's simply a combination of writer's block and interest in other things. Sometimes I forget how much time, effort, and energy I put into captioning and maintaining the sister blogs and realize how much time is lost doing other things in my life. I'll probably try to post a little more frequently that I have been the last month or so but it'll in no way be once a day posts like I used to be able to do.

The only thing I'd ask for help with is inspiration. I'd like to see caps, TG stories, or ideas that you enjoy that might inspire some ideas of my own. Specifics are preferred (especially in regards to ideas...simply saying "hypnosis cap!" is a little too vague), but anything honestly would be appreciated. Post thoughts in the comments!

Love you all - enjoy this bimbo cap in the meantime,
Elena Starz


  1. Would love to see a cap involving Hooters waitresses filling their staff with a random male coming in by spiking his wings with a magic substance which changes him in mind and body and fixing reality to adjust for his new identity.

  2. love this caption and hope you are back into captions soon.

  3. Good to see you're back Elena. How about these ideas;
    - A father that has a heirloom passed down in his family that, without them being able to tell, makes them a bimbo. Like a were-bimbo story/cap.
    - A guy running a costume shop sells costumes that turn guys into sissies.
    - A group of frat guys make fun of a slightly obese woman, so she curses them to be big tit and ass sluts.
    I wouldn't mind also seeing a series for the intricate details of a sissies wedding. How they were proposed to? What they'd wear? Etc.
    Btw, are you still going to post the caption contest review and high school caps?