Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Beginning of the End

Hi everyone,

It is with much sadness that I am announcing my decision to stop captioning. This may not come as a huge surprise considering that I've posted two caps since mid-April, but it's a decision that's come about after repeatedly trying these last three months to produce SOMETHING and coming up with nothing. Even when I find the right image, or find a perfect idea, or perhaps both of these fall into place, I simply haven't been able to write anything to complete these caps. I recognize that in the past I have taken hiatuses of varying lengths, but even during those periods I was still producing caps behind the scenes at some rate - this time this has not been the case and is a signal to me that my time is up.

So what does this mean for the future of this blog, as well as the four other sister blogs that I have been managing? I absolutely will plan on leaving these blogs open for other people to explore and to maintain all the caps I have produced on these sites. I also do have some odds-and-ends I hope to be posting, such as the few remaining caps, images I've been hanging on to for possible caps, as well as image sets for series such as Mildew High Dress Code and the Duck Flu. Specific things to expect on each sister blog:
  • Elena (this site!): About 15 caps that either needed editing or I simply wasn't ready to post; various image galleries of images I thought of captioning but didn't end up completing; unfinished stories that I had just started (this may come in a single post as most of the stories never got past an introduction).
  • Serena's site: Image galleries containing images I planned on using for the Mildew High Dress Code, Duck Flu, and even the Bimbo High series; a collection of my favorite bimbos that I was considering using for a series
  • Hallie's site: I have left Zoey Starz the option of continuing to post caps, but that is up to her; image sets with images I thought of using for Island caps (including some small blurbs about ideas I thought would go well with the images)
  • Maddi's site: About 10 leftover caps, plus anything Anderson chooses to continue posting; more image sets and some small series ideas
  • Ariel's site: One last contest set I never posted; my personal "idea archive" with a set of images each containing a blurb to inspire a cap; any image sets not posted on Elena's site
There's not a specific posting schedule I have, although I will try to post one cap a day on sites that still have them for old time's sake. Please note that each site will have more detail as each post comes in, so please explore them all because I have A LOT of unfinished work that could perhaps be inspiring for those of you who still caption! I will also be around for at least a short amount of time to make sure I post everything if you want to leave a comment or email with questions or just say goodbye. I'm going to miss captioning more than I think I even know, and especially the wonderful people in this community, so thank you for supporting my work for as long as you have :)

Love always,
Elena Starz


  1. A shame you well not be captioning, do hope we well see you around. Best wishes.

  2. Well, perhaps you will come back again if/when you get the itch. We'll be here if you do need to scratch that itch occasionally!

  3. Well crap. It's been real fun. Your site was the first TG cap site I ever started visiting regularly.

  4. I will miss you Elena. Hope you get the bug again soon

  5. You've always been one of my favorites. This is a shame. Hope you come back.

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