Monday, October 7, 2013

Ariel - Re-Education 101: How to Become a Blonde Bimbo

First off, just want to thank everyone who has commented for the nice words - its good to hear from you all again! Moving on to the cap, it is a little unique because it strays slightly from the "blonde bimbo" part of this series with the red hair, but I decided to use the pic because its of a gorgeous model and I do deal with the blonde aspect in the you will find when you read on. Enjoy!


  1. great picture, it cant hurt to have some variety. I also enjoyed the story, Well done

  2. I love your caps. It's nice to see you around here again :)

  3. You are much better than this work. Only two sentences describing the mental change in very brief detail? I don't really think it is your fault, your fans are giving you precious empty feedback that's just fluff.
    I know I seem like a tough cookie, but I like what you're doing and am passionate about this kind of work. That's why my opinion on this is so strong. You can do better.

  4. To Rina and MsLaraYves - thank you both! It's good to be back writing again :)

    To Tehya - I would contend that this caption isn't about the mental changes, but rather focuses on the contrast between his old life and his new life, as represented by his partially red, partially blonde hair. The mental part of it is struggling between his old values and his new instincts he's been taught by Professor Blonde. Its more about that theme than the mental changes that are a part of it. My take - I can see how yours is completely valid as well

    -Elena Starz