Monday, November 25, 2013

Winning the Bet to Winning Other Things

So a bit of an update for you all. First, today is a longer caption for you all now as a change of pace. But instead of just a change of pace, I want to discuss the direction that this blog should go. I've basically been taking a break, filling in Quick Caps and others that I've had stored in the interim. Part of the reason is that I don't know what I want to do next. So what better way to figure this out than to ask you all! I've put a poll on the top right of the blog with four options that I've considered. They are:

1. More longer caps - Basically just what I used to do, longer caps that have no sequence and are about whatever I feel like capping at the moment.
2. A new longer caption series - I really enjoyed doing HTBABB 101 for you all, and would put the time into thinking of a new series if you all would like that again.
3. Revive S.H.E.M.A.L.E Starz - I've always thought about continuing the S.H.E.M.A.L.E Starz storyline that I never finished. It's not a caption series, which some people like better, but I did enjoy it and felt bad about not completing it.
4. Revive Hypnotic Wishes - Along the same lines as the last option, I never finished the Hypnotic Wishes storyline. Someone mentioned bringing this back in a recent comment, so I though I'd offer it up as it would take only two more stories to finish.

I would ask all of you to vote in the poll (you can select multiple options!) and/or comment in any post for the next two weeks. This will give me a sense of what direction to head in once I come back from my break! Thanks everyone!

-Elena Starz


  1. I've always wondered what happened next as far as the 'Hypnotic Wishes' storyline was concerned. I had my own ideas, my own fantasies about it, but was completely curious where you planned on taking it and was admittedly a bit disappointed you'd never finished it up. Seemed like so many intriguing possibilities. But then, I also adored your first story, "Curiosity...," and felt your fiction involving hypnotic transformations was always extremely well done, very inventive and filled with wonderful pictures. They just made me incredibly happy.

    But, honestly? I think you should go in the direction that creatively feels best for you. If we're true fans of your work we're going to follow where you want to go. Like any art, we're not always going to love it, we're not always going to applaud, but we ARE going to want to know what it is that is up your sleeve next and to discover what your creative juices have in store. Why? Because when it is wonderful, when it is awesome, it's going to be amazingly so, and as fans and followers those are the moments we're going to want to stand up and applaud.

    Granted, of all the blogs of this type, it should be noted yours is the only one I follow religiously, so with that in mind I guess that means I'm fairly biased as I think you're far more talented than you arguably give yourself credit for being. But that's just me. No matter what, I'm just excited to know and to see what you do have in store for next. Whatever it might be, I'm sure it will make me smile.

    Keep it up! :)

  2. a great caption maybe a follow up or two? wins home coming enters a regional pageant then the come down as (s)he has been set up but hey I am just mean like that. was going to tick all your poll boxes but that probably would not help much so have gone for more of the above style. but agree with Sara do what you find most pleasing.