Friday, December 13, 2013

Trophy Spouse

Hello all! First off, yesterday this blog hit over 2 million views! That is stunning to me considering that this blog has been up for a relatively short period of time and even accounts for the 8 months or so straight that I was gone recently. Thank you all, both regular and one-time visitors, for contributing to this total - it's quite special to me to hit a milestone like this.
Also a big thank you to everyone who voted in the poll - there were over 200 of you, even if some people voted more than once! That is absolutely fantastic and I want to thank you all for expressing your opinions. The final results showed that a clear majority favored more longer captions, while a large contingency also would like to see a long caption series like HTBABB 101 and/or the revival of the Hypnotic Wishes storyline. So here is what I plan on doing:
1. More longer classic captions, starting now! At least from now until Christmas, there will be one a day (with some Christmas themed caps mixed in!). After New Year's the caps may start to tail off and I will probably mix in more Quick Caps to give myself some breathing room, but expect a cap a day for a while!
2. At some point in 2014 (probably January or February) expect the sixth edition of the "Hypnotic Wishes" story to be published. The seventh and final edition will come at some point after that to finish up the series.
3. I have come up with a new idea for a longer caption series. Much like the "How to Be a Blonde Bimbo 101" series, it will be multiple individual captions that base around a theme, but will have a little bit more of a driven plot line running through all the caps. I haven't started writing any of them and therefore don't plan on releasing this in the near future, but come early 2014 there will be another "cap a day at 5:00 P.M PST" standard like there was for HTBABB 101 for this new series. I may also release some hints about the new series as I develop the ideas in it in my head, so stay tuned!
4. For those of you still wanting to see the S.H.E.M.A.L.E. Starz series continued, do not despair - I do want to finish that. However, I do want to prioritize the other options that were more popular first, so be patient with that series!
5. I am going to put up another poll that will last two weeks through Christmas asking a simple question - would you participate in a caption contest if I were to post images for you all to caption? I have a lot of leftover images from the HTBABB 101 series and would LOVE to see the captioning work that all viewers of this blog put forth. I believe that the TG captioning community is built around having a large number of people captioning, especially newer people with new ideas and new interests, in order to have the community continue to grow and thrive. So if this could inspire people to start their own blogs or simply start captioning, I would love to start a caption contest (or multiple) on this blog. Let me know what you think in the poll!

Whew! That was a lot of writing! As a reward for sticking through all that, here is the first (of many) longer captions that I've made - enjoy!


  1. It's always thrilling to read about male wife of female husband. ;)

  2. I have been reading through your backlist of caps recently, and I keep returning to this one in particular.

    I think it is my favorite of your caps; I've reread it many times, and each time it still strikes me a very clever and great twist on an old concept. Bravo! :-)

    - B-Rex,

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