Saturday, June 21, 2014

As I See It

FYI, the new caption contest is up - feel free to get started and email me your caps!

Today we have a unique cap that I want to talk about. There are lots of Instagram photos out there of glamorous makeup jobs, often multiple shots of the makeup in the same picture. I've always loved these shots, but never really found a practical use for them in any captions - until I stumbled upon a set of four different shots of the same makeup around one eye. Each pose/positioning was so different and could represent such a different personality that I decided to make a cap with each "eye" representing a different person getting the same makeover.

So for this cap, I separated the four images of the eye and circled them with a different color outline, which match the corresponding text in the cap. To describe the personalities I was trying to portray for each:
1. Top left/Hot pink border - a ditzy, bimboish reaction to the makeover
2. Top right/Red border - a bitchy, sarcastic reaction to the makeover
3. Bottom left/Blue border - an ashamed sissy reaction to the makeover
4. Bottom Right/Light pink border - an amazed, happy reaction to the makeover

With that context, check out the cap and let me know what you think


  1. Nice execution of an interesting idea

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