Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Contest Winner Cap: Donna

Alright everyone, back to captions today! Of course, I would like to note that I'm still looking for feedback on my last post and the possibilities of new series/themes, both via comments and by picking the ideas you like in the rating of THAT POST ONLY. I will not consider votes on other posts, even if you can do that on every post. Also, Explicit Caption Contest is still running and will probably end late Friday, as I have got some excellent caps from a small number of productive followers.

Anyways, I still have to give prize caps for the seven winners of the last caption contest! So today we will start with Donna, who wanted a story about a man dressing as a submissive 50s housewife who likes it enough that his wife gets them a pool boy to share. Enjoy!


  1. Love the switch up on this story's twist. And LOVE the sexy retro girl in the image. Her makeup and look is fab!

    1. I agree. That model is smoking hot. Great caption, Elena.

      -Wes Mantooth

  2. Well played switcheroo, though if he's not working anymore, I'm not sure how they can afford a pool boy ... maybe he's working outside on the corner during the day?