Friday, July 11, 2014

Favorite Caps: 2012

Next on the list is 2012, the year I first joined Rachel's Haven and made/recieved many wonderful caps for/from people in that amazing community. Sad to say I've become less active there, but it was nice to go through these caps and recall the good ones I made!

Also, 2012 was the year I started my infamous "Re-Education: How to Be(come) a Blonde Bimbo 101" series. However, considering how large and important that series was to my development as a captioner and the progress of this blog, I'm actually going to add that as a seperate "year" and pick my Top 10 from that series! So stay tuned for that!

Finally, if you've noticed that I've had a line that says "Caps:" with some number after it - that is actually the number of caps I produced on this blog for that year. In this case, 109 represents the number of non-HTBABB 101 caps that I made. Just wanted to clarify if you all were confused!

Caps: 109

10. Bimbo Constitution
One of the nerdier posts I've made...but also one of my favorites because of the great bimbo dialogue. Plus, I had a fun time with the two-pic layout with a title across the top.

9. Rainbow Girls
I wasn't originally going to add this, as the caps are small and I have better series I made this year...but I really appreciate the artistic efforts I put into it, both in terms of the layouts for to each Rainbow Girl and the names being colored, and of course the ROYGBIV name theme and such. More of an artistic selection than a storyline one/

8. New Years Resolutions
This series, for example, had a much better story. A New Year's fairy turning all sorts of boys into girls based on their resolutions? Very fun concept...and also made for nice short-and-sweet caps.

7. Bailey Brothers
This is probably the least believeable transformation types that I've done...but it was so creative and the ending is so fun that I had to go with it.

6. You Are What You Eat
A Haven Cap that was based around a clever (in my eyes) carrot/bunny theme. Another nice idea, even if the transformation is a little meh compared to some.

5. Big Enough
Continuing the string of caps I liked for the idea, this transformation via high-noon, wild west showdown was a personal favorite of mine when I made it and still is now.

4. How Did He Know
This cap has one of the best perspectives of the year, writing about the changes and the seeming powerlessness of the transformee relative to the man transforming him. The cap's elegance and sweetness match the soft, lingerie-clad model well in my eyes, and combined to form an excellent cap.

3. How Do I Look
I'm not going to lie - this cap partially made the Top 3 because it's a bimbo cap with one of my favorite pics of the model from which I based my profile/blog pics. But I also chose it because of the slow way the cap reveals retrospectively how the transformation occurs, using context clues/statements by both the bimbofied boy and the girlfriend to explain how he looks like he does.

2. Untitled
Such an awesome cap. I based this off the image - the way the girl looks kind of like she's whining, the pretty dress, the bags, and the way the boy is staring at her inspired this entire work. Which is all about the attitude of the boy "forced" to dress as a girl for prom. He blames his friend, complains incessantly about the things he's had to do, but still gives off enough hints that he wants this. I did a sequel too...but this one was the better cap by far.

1. Long, Sexy Cap Series
I kind of already said this in the response to the question that inspired this recollective posts for this week...but this series is my favorite work of all time, bar none. Great dialogue, internal monologue, the characters personality develops well to match the images, and the model is simply stunning. Very, VERY proud of this series :)

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