Monday, December 8, 2014

Duck Flu Opening

Quick Plug - posted the wonderful submissions for the Best Friends Caption get a couple days to vote for your top three favorites!

Alrighty, after yesterday's display of the Mildew High Dress Code, today we have the introduction of our next wonderful theme/series, the Duck Flu series. It's based off this fantastic cap by Leila Stoat about a disease that causes the host to take on bimbo physical and mental characteristics and specifically big, fat lips. Of course, concern of an epidemic is tantamount, as the disease is spread by kissing those fat lips...and who wouldn't want to kiss these horny bimbos? Anyways, check out both Leila's initial and my first cap, then jump pass the cap to help me answer some questions!

Okay, seen both Leila's cap and mine? Good - now let's talk about ideas for this piece. I actually have a fair bit to talk about for this series, so I'm going to list some questions, explain my thoughts, then hopefull you all will respond in comments/emails to help me decide what to do!
1. Should this be a series (adhering more strictly to chronological order) or a theme (where caps are more distinct but may have some references across caps)?
  • For the Mildew High Dress Code series, I knew I wanted to be somewhat orderly in the beginning - but with the Duck Flu I could see it going multiple ways. On the one hand I think it would be somewhat liberating to just talk about someone getting the disease and be able to leave it ambiguous to how they got it. But I think it would be interesting to trace the disease from it's sources (like Person A infects Person B in a cap, then Person B infects Person C in the next cap) especially with the option of jumping between the different researchers (three males/two females) to show how the Duck Flu spreads across the country/globe.
2. Speaking of males and females, should the Duck Flu only affect males or females as well? If it's just males, can females "carry" the disease and have it transfer unwittingly to boyfriends or whatever?
  • Leila's cap alluded to the fact that females could get bimbofied by the Duck Flu, but I left it ambiguous in my cap to let you all help me decide. Being a TG caption blog, I definitely prefer to focus on TG aspects, but if people would like to see some cross-over let me know!
3. Should the Duck Flu always bleach the host's hair to blond?
  • I think this was my favorite and most creative idea from Leila's cap - but I also recognize that not all people are into blondes and/or would love to see some variety of hair colors. It also lets me use a wider variety of pictures, but then again I can probably just say that brunettes are "not at that phase" of the transformation by that point in the cap and get around it...
4. Finally, what fun "effects" of the Duck Flu should exist?
  • I think that I can pick and choose traits to focus on (big breasts, heavy makeup, increased libido, etc.) based on pictures and say that "the disease affects people in different ways" to get around having an archetype of what a "Duck Flu" picture looks like. But it would be fun to think of some creative effects the Duck Flu could cause - like maybe the hosts give off a pheromone that attract men? Can't think of any other good examples hopefully you have some ideas to share!
Phew! That was a longer list than I thought! Hopefully you stuck it out to this point and are brimming with ideas to share - so go ahead and comment/email me with thoughts! Help this idea spread like a disease :p


  1. I think it would make for some very interesting stories if women were only carriers of the duck flu.

  2. 1: I think it would be better if it didn't go in a set order
    2: only effect females but maybe in rare occurances a man can be a carrier... So maybe a wife finds out he has been cheating next time she gives him head via getting the duck flu.
    3: definatly think it should bleach their hair, but that does not mean that thr victim might try and dye it to hide their sickness
    4: maybe their favorite foods loose their normal taste and suddenly things such as cock and seamen taste too good for them to handle. Unconditionally follow orders given? Maybe a newly developed Affinity to pink or even an allergy to clothing covering most of their bodies

  3. Meep! Am I proud that my silly idea got itself turned into an actual feature! ^.^

    Well, I like your points and you know I'm all for woman-contagious Duck Flu, but I know that doesn't do much for you. ;D

    Anyway, hope we all have fun with this, woo! ^.^

  4. I like the idea of women only being carriers of the disease, perhaps only manifesting the lip symptoms in order to transmit it, but not the bodily or mental ones.

  5. Only silly boys who make fun of the duck faced girls get the disease...mwahaha!

  6. I definitely think a large percentage of the population should be immune. After all, if all guys get the Duck Flu, then there will be no hawt well-hung studs to give these bimbos the fucking they need. Maybe it affects certain males (and females?) in a special way. They don't get bimboized but they can still pass the Duck Flu on to people they have sex with, and their sex drive greatly increases so that they start spreading the disease around -- a studly guy suddenly slams his best friend against the wall, fucking the male out of him with each thrust, a once shy, submissive girl pushes her boyfriend between her legs, grinding her cunt against his face and forcing him to lap and lap....