Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pink Room Opening!

Hello all! The final series opening is here! Hopefully you've gone and checked out the Mildew High Dress Code and Duck Flu openings and commented to help me shape those pieces (BIG thanks to the few people who have taken the time to put thoughtful comments in. Really do appreciate your wonderful ideas!). But now I want you to turn your attention to the idea of the Pink Room. This idea, although not explicitly derived from anything, was more than likely subconsciously affected by the wonderful Pink Room series done by the very talented Avaro. The idea is simply a pink room that transforms boys into girls based on "what they desire" or "what they should become". This series I actually have the most questions about, as the only thing that I've established in my mind is that this will be a theme with mostly stand-alone caps as opposed to a series. So check out this cap, then move past it to read some questions I have!

Alright, so now you've hopefully read the cap - now for the tough questions. You're all creative, smart people, so I bet you can help me mold this theme into a cohesive and well-thought out one! Let's get started!

1. What are the "origins" of the Pink Room?
  • This is a broad question basically trying to help me parse through a backstory/logical basis for the Pink Room to build off of. Is it a magical place? A man-made construction? More importantly, who can access it? As in, could girls/witches/something else open up the Pink Room consciously (or unconsciously) or is it more of a celestial "punishment system" that takes males determined to be flawed and shape them into something better? A lot of subquestions, I know, so please share your thoughts on this idea especially!
2. Does the public know about the Pink Room?
  • Kind of ties into the origins questions (as in where it comes from/who can access it affects who can know), but slightly different. Is the Pink Room common knowledge to anyone, or are there a small subset of people who know? As in, would it surprise most people to see a bimbo/sissy walking out of where a son stood, or will they realize "Oh, that's just the Pink Room!"?
3. How fast should the transformation time in the Pink Room be?
  • I kind of left this ambiguous in the opening cap intentionally - I think I want to allow for time in the Pink Room to be different from real time (to allow for instant transformations or slow transfromations kind of like Avaro's Pink Room series where trapped males only have access to clothes and eventually start dressing up/acting like what they are supposed to become). However, should people be disappearing for seconds, minutes, days, or even years in the real world?
Those are the intial starting questions - I imagine I'll write more once I see responses from you and start to shape the series, but for now start with these. Of course, feel to give an other suggestions/ideas you feel like too - I just want A LOT of feedback on this theme in particular because, like the Pink Room, it's kind of in limbo for me.


  1. transformation chambers are fun tools in the TG captioners arsenal. I like Avaro's take on things. I like the idea of keeping the hows ambigious. Maybe a guy rents a room and it's color is pink and then over several months....well you get the idea ;-)

  2. I really like this idea. Here are my thoughts. Pink rooms started appearing in buildings several years ago. Scientists investigated but no-one can work out how they work or who's behind them. Anyone can open the door and look inside the pink room but only men can enter. When one does the door closes and the room disappears, only to reappear sometime later for a gorgeous girl to emerge. The most important thing is that the room exerts a power over it's intended victim who experiences an overwhelming urge to enter. If they change their life to avoid the room, it moves to another building that they need to use. Men can resist for days, weeks, even years, but always give in. Over time rumours emerge that rooms can be hired to target a person of your choice if you have the right money and know the right people (and perhaps have a good reason)

  3. I think a secret subculture being built around it would be cool. Maybe there are cults of women who uncover mystic rituals that almost worship and can "summon" a Pink Room. If they feel a man deserves it, they can summon the "judgement of the Pink Room," causing a door to open to it which they push the man in and force him to be "judged" and transformed.

    Perhaps there are particular strip-clubs, brothels, etc. that specialize in being staffed by Pink Room transformees, whose owners and madames are mainly members of the cult.