Monday, January 5, 2015

Contest Winner Cap: Musta

Only one more prize cap after this and then back to regular caps! Also, I've been pleased to see a number of quality submissions to the newest caption contest, so keep it up! Hope to post all caps by Friday but will extend the deadline if the number of entries starts to slow. EDIT: Wow, a lot of really complimentary stuff on Leila's prize cap from yesterday! Super happy to see that it struck a cord not only with me but with a large number of you as well! Thanks for taking the time to comment - warms my heart :)  <3

This one goes out to Musta for a couple excellent submissions in the Best Friends Contest, being styled as an interracial cap that focuses on Russians vs. men from the Caucaus region. Enjoy!


  1. Great little story that works perfectly with the picture.
    Also, I have been a fan of this blog for a very ling time now, and now I have an account to tell you how awesome it is!

    1. Wonderful! Always glad to be able to say thanks to a "new" non-anonymous reader!

  2. Thanks again for this marvelous caption!

  3. Great job on this one, Elena!

    -Wes Mantooth